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AMXhome is...

The complete residential solution that contains everything you need to sell, design, and install AMX technology and make a profit. It's all about managing expectations, and AMXhome does a great job of doing just that - using proven sales materials designed to facilitate the initial customer conversation by guiding their expectations with visual aids that educate the many facets and functionalities associated with home automation.

Simplified Solution Packages

We've created five solutions that represent the most popular systems for homeowners. These include Distributed Audio, Media Room, Essential Home Control, Whole Home Control, and now, Energy Management.

Simplified Customer Demonstrations

Sometimes the best way to explain the possibilities that a control system offers is by giving prospective customers the ability to see, touch and operate a working touch panel, which reacts just like a real system. AMXhome includes Touch Panel demonstration files that can be loaded on any AMX Touch Panel to demonstrate how each of the five packages works.

Simplified Marketing Materials

Also included are sales brochures for each solution, which illustrate in non-technical terms, the functionality of each system and what will be controlled. These brochures are print-ready Adobe PDF files that include space to add dealer contact information so that they can be taken away with the prospective customer at the end of the meeting.

Simplified Management of Customer Expectations

With AMXhome, your customers will have a clear expectation of what their system will be able to do, what components are included and since the system has been pre-configured, customers will know exactly how their touch panel pages will look and how it will operate.

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