Guide to AV Applications

Download this detailed guide to the new breed of AV applications  

AV / IT convergence is radically changing the way we interact with technology. This White Paper takes a look at the impacts on different industry verticals and provides suggestions on how you can capitalize.

You will learn:

  • How AV/IT integration impacts key vertical markets
  • How to identify specific AV needs within your industry vertical
  • Understanding AV issues with different types of collaborative space

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Sneak Peek

"A good example of AV/IT convergence is the utilization of IT networks, servers and compression technologies to share and distribute audiovisual messaging throughout a building or across the globe. As the demand for video content to be stored, transferred and shared continues to grow, the convergence of these technologies grows. And,as the cost of employees traveling to meetings continues to climb while the cost of video conferencing continues to fall, this marriage of technologies is becoming essential."

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