Networked AV


The AMX SVSI network media product family includes AV over IP video encoders, decoders, audio transceiver, network video recorders, IP windowing/wall processors, and video management systems, as well as video over IP application system solutions. They support point-to-multipoint streaming and distributed matrix switching. It’s as simple as knowing how many sources you want to distribute over the network and where you want to distribute them.

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Because SVSI AV over IP encoder/decoder products use standard network cabling and IP technology to distribute source content to your endpoint components, distributing AV over your network is a breeze.

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SVSI video management products manage all the SVSI devices within the distributed media system and create a complete digital media distribution solution from each source to every display. The flexible user interface includes access from your desktop/laptop, Apple iPad, Apple iPhone or Android device.

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SVSI IP-based products are unique in that they include a variety of ways to ensure optimal video and audio is delivered over any network segment or link – whether a managed local-area network, fiber uplink, or low bit-rate internet connection. These networked AV products can be deployed on an existing enterprise network or private network to offload traffic. The SVSI product family offers multiple options to control video and audio routing and end-point device control via IR, serial, switch closure, or TCP/IP.