Epica DGX 288

Customizable Matrix Switcher

Large-scale Single Strand Multimode/Single Mode Fiber Matrix Switching

EPICADGX288-ENC, Epica DGX 288 Enclosure Only
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The exclusive digital platform delivered by our DGX Technology allows multiple high-resolution signal styles to be converted freely internal to the matrix switcher to numerous outputs with various styles. In addition, DGX fiber products integrate the ability to receive and/or transmit signals directly via SFP fiber connections.


Supports 4K and Ultra High Definition (UHD) content

PRODUCT PREVIEW: Expected Release Q3 2014. The Epica DGX 288 is a modular fiber optic matrix switcher designed to transport uncompressed video, including HDMI with HDCP, and embedded audio over single strand multimode or single mode fiber. With AMX exclusive DGX Technology, the system offers simple signal conversion between analog and digital signal source devices. Supporting 10 Gbps, the DGX and DXLink Fiber transport layer ensures perfect pixel for pixel reproduction of high resolution content for today and tomorrow. Designed with flexibility, the compact 17 RU enclosure is expandable from 16x16 to 288x288 and features field serviceable fiber modules allowing for simple replacement of an individual connection module while the rest of the matrix switcher inputs and outputs remain operational. The Epica DGX 288 is fully capable of supporting 4K and Ultra High Definition (UHD) content.

Designed for use with DXLink Fiber Transmitters and Receivers the system passes uncompressed video and audio sent from the Transmitter through the matrix switcher to the Receiver. The DXLink Fiber Receivers feature SmartScale® Technology which automatically responds to the display's declared EDID information and scales the video resolution and adjusts the video parameters to match the displays native format. SmartScale Technology ensures every display operates at its preferred resolution and eliminates the incompatibilities that can arise in matrix switching systems when the output resolution of the source is not supported by some or all of the displays in the system.

The Epica DGX 288 routes and transmits pure high resolution analog and digital video up to 300 meters on multimode fiber, or 10 kilometers on single mode fiber feet making it the perfect solution for government agencies, command-and-control environments, universities, hospitals, casinos, retail environments or any facility that demands the highest quality video be shared between rooms, buildings or across an entire campus or city.

AMX manufacturers a full range of customizable matrix switchers to accommodate multiple signal types in various input/output ranges. Please contact us at 800.222.0193 (US) or 469.624.7400 (International).


  • HDMI/HDCP Switching with Simplicity of Analog - End-to-end distribution of HDMI/HDCP without interruption or key constraints using InstaGate Pro Technology
  • 4K and Ultra High Definition (UHD) Content Ready – Designed to support future resolutions for years to come
  • Industry Leading Data Rate - DXLink is leading the way with an optical transport rate of 10 Gbps
  • Fiber Your Way - Designed for use with single strand multimode or single mode fiber with LC connectors providing ease of installation to meet the needs of any installation
  • Field Serviceable SFP Fiber Modules - Reduces downtime by allow a single module to be replaced while other inputs and outputs (even those on the same board) continue to operate without interruption
  • Analog to Digital Video Conversion with Scaled Outputs - Converts any source signal to digital and uses SmartScale Technology to automatically output video that is perfectly scaled for each connected display
  • Secure and Isolated - Fiber inherently provides extra security and electrical isolation making it the transport method of choice for many mission-critical secure environments
  • HDCP Compliance Over Fiber - Use in conjunction with DXLink Fiber Transmitters and Receivers to send video and audio up to 20 kilometers on single mode fiber and 600 meters on multimode fiber (10 kilometers to the matrix switcher and 10 kilometers after the matrix switcher with single mode fiber, and 300 meters to the matrix switcher and 300 meters after the matrix switcher on multimode fiber)
  • Fully Redundant Power Supplies - With independent power paths for maximum reliability

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