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Central Controllers


NetLinx Controllers

NetLinx NX Integrated Controllers
NX-1200 NetLinx NX Integrated Controller
NX-2200 NetLinx NX Integrated Controller
NX-3200 NetLinx NX Integrated Controller
NX-4200 NetLinx NX Integrated Controller
NetLinx Integrated Controllers
NI-700 NetLinx Integrated Controller
NI-900 NetLinx Integrated Controller
NI-2100 NetLinx Integrated Controller
NI-3100 NetLinx Integrated Controller (Now Available with 256 MB RAM)
NI-3101-SIG Signature Series NetLinx Integrated Controller
NI-4100 NetLinx Integrated Controller (Now Available with 256 MB RAM)
NI-2000 NetLinx Integrated Controller
NI-3000 NetLinx Integrated Controller
NI-4000 NetLinx Integrated Controller
NetLinx Master Card, Controller and CardFrames
NXI NetLinx Integrated Controller (No Master)
NXF NetLinx CardFrame (CardFrame Only)
NXF-MINI NetLinx Mini-CardFrame (CardFrame Only)
NXC-ME260/64 NetLinx Master Ethernet Card
NXC-ME260 NetLinx Master260 Ethernet Card
NXC-MPE NetLinx Master Card w/SPE and Ethernet Ports
Enova DVX All-In-One Presentation Switchers
DVX-3150HD 10x4 All-In-One Presentation Switchers (Multi-Format, HDMI Inputs)
DVX-3155HD 10x4 All-In-One Presentation Switchers (Multi-Format, HDMI, 2 DXLink Inputs)
DVX-3156HD 10x4 All-In-One Presentation Switchers (Multi-Format, HDMI, 4 DXLink Inputs)
DVX-2150HD 6x3 All-In-One Presentation Switchers (Multi-Format, HDMI Inputs)
DVX-2155HD 6x3 All-In-One Presentation Switchers (Multi-Format, HDMI, DXLink Inputs)
DVX-2100HD 6x2 All-In-One Presentation Switchers (Multi-Format, UDM Inputs)
NetLinx Interface Controllers
NXB-KNX KNX Communications Gateway
ICSLan Device Control Boxes
EXB-IRS4 ICSLan IR/S Interface, 4 IR/S and 4 Inputs
EXB-COM2 ICSLan Serial Interface, 2 Ports
EXB-REL8 ICSLan Relay Interface, 8 Channels
EXB-I/O8 ICSLan Input/Output Interface, 8 Channels
EXB-MP1 ICSLan Multi-Port, 1 COM, 1 IR/S, 2 I/O, 1 IR RX
ICSNet Hub Cards and Modules
NXC-NH NetLinx ICSNet Hub Card
NXC-HE NetLinx ICSHub Expander Card
NXS-MHS Master/Hub Module Shell
NXS-NMS NetModule Shell
NXC-HS NetLinx ICSHub Server Card
ICSNet Device Control Cards
NXC-IRS4 4-Port IR/S Card, 4 IR/S and 4 Inputs
NXC-COM2 Dual COM Port Card, 2 RS-232/422/485
NXC-VAI4 Voltage Output/Analog Input Card
NXC-VOL4 Volume Card, 4 Channels
NXC-REL10 Relay Card, 10 Channels
NXC-I/O10 Input/Output Card, 10 Channels
AxLink Device Control Boxes
AXB-232++ RS-232/422/485 Interface
AXB-DMX512 DMX512 Interface
AXB-DTMF+ DTMF Interface
AXB-IRS4 IR/Serial Interface, 4 Ports
AXB-VOL3 3-Channel Volume Controller
AXB-REL8 Relay Controller
AXB-TCR Television Controller/Receiver
AXB-TM5 Television Manager (38/455 kHz IR)
AXB-TC Television Controller
AXB-TMC Television Manager with Clock
AXB-TMX+ Television Manager
AXB-PCCOM AxLink to PC Communications Port Interface
AXB-232+ RS-232/422 Interface
AXB-CAM Camera Controller
AXB-FD Floppy Disk Drive
AXB-PSC Philips SmartCard, RF Input
AXB-TMX Television Manager
AXB-VTI6 Video Text Interface
AXB-SLD Slide Controller
AXB-FBM AxLink Fiber Transceiver
AXB-NET Ethernet Gateway
AC-RK2 Accessory Rack Kit for AXB-CAM
EXM-256KB 256KB Extended Memory (AXC-EM, AXCENT2, LC and EL+ Touch Panels)
FB-RM Rack Mount Adapter for AXB-FBM
SE-TC TC Security Enclosure (AXB-TC/TCR)
SE-TM TM Security Enclosure (AXB-TM5)
NetLinx NX System Accessories
AVB-VSTYLE-SURFACE-MNT V Style Module Surface Mount
AVB-VSTYLE-RMK V Style Module Rack Mounting Tray, 5 1/4" Depth
PSR4.4 13.5 VDC, 4.4 A Power Supply with 3.5 mm Phoenix Connector with Retention Screws
PSN6.5 13.5 VDC, 6.5 A Power Supply with (3) 3.5 mm Phoenix Connectors
CC-USB-NI USB Programming Cable for NetLinx Controllers
CC-NIRC NetLinx IR Emitter Cable
CC-NET Cat5 Ethernet Cable
CBL-ETH-FL Ethernet Cat5e Flat Cable
NetLinx System Accessories
AC-DIN DIN Rail Mounting Bracket
AC-SMB Surface Mounting Bracket
AC-PMB Pole Mounting Bracket
AC-RK Accessory Rack Kit
NXP-CPI16 NetLinx Custom Panel Interface
NXA-CF2NI CompactFlash Upgrade for NI-X100 Series Controllers
NXA-CFM CompactFlash Upgrade for NXC-ME260/64
NXA-CFNI CompactFlash Upgrade for NI-X000 Series Controllers
NCK NetLinx Connector Kit
NXA-ICSNET NetLinx ICSNet Communication Network Card
EXM-128MB 128MB Memory Upgrade for NXC-ME2
EXM-16MB 16MB Memory Upgrade for NXC-M and NXC-ME
EXM-64MB 64MB Memory Upgrade for NXC-ME260

Axcess Controllers (Discontinued)

Axcent3 (Discontinued)
AXCENT3 Integrated Axcess System
AXCENT3 PRO Integrated Axcess Control Frame
Axcent2 (Discontinued)
AXCENT2 Integrated Axcess System
Axcess CardFrames (Discontinued)
AXF-MINI Mini-CardFrame (up to 3 AXC control cards)
AXB-MPE+ Master Port Expander (with AXC-EM card)
AXB-SPE Server Port Expander (requires AXB-MPE+)
AXF-M/S Axcess Master CardFrame
AXF-S Axcess Server CardFrame (with AXC-S card)
Axcess Processors (Discontinued)
AXC-EM Enhanced System Master Card
AXB-EM232 Enhanced Master/RS-232 Controller
AXC-S CardFrame Server Card
AxLink Device Control Cards (Discontinued)
AXC-232 RS-232/422/485 Interface Card
AXC-232++ RS-232/422/485 Interface Card (enhanced functionality)
AXC-IR/S IR/Serial Card
AXC-MIDI MIDI Interface Card (Musical Instrument Digital Interface)
AXC-SMP SMPTE Time Code Card
AXC-INP8 8 Input Card
AXC-REL8 8 Relay Card
AXC-REL14 14 Relay Card
AXC-VOL 2-Channel Volume Control Card
AXC-X10 X-10 Power Line Interface Card
AXC-366 RS-366 Interface Card
AXC-422 PA-422 Interface Card
AXC-DMX8 DMX512 Card (8 Channels)
AXC-PRN Printer Interface Card
AXC-PTSM TSM Pan/Tilt Interface Card
AXC-SAV SAV Slide Projector Control Card (SAV series)
AXC-SLD Slide Projector Control Card (US Kodak series)
AXC-VAI2 Voltage Output/Analog Input Card (2 voltage outputs, 2 analog inputs)
AXC-OXM Oxmoor Interface Card
AXC-EXTN Extender Card
AXC-TEMP Temperature Control Card
RTS-1 Room Temperature Sensor (requires AXC-TEMP card)
AXC-ADI Analog Data Interface Card
AXC-DTMF+ DTMF Interface Card
AXC-MSE Mouse Interface Card
AXC-PTC Precision Time Clock Card
AXC-RCVI IR Receiver Card
AXC-SPE Enhanced Speech Synthesizer Card

Landmark Controllers (Discontinued)

Landmark Control Cards (Discontinued)
PLB-HUB2 Modular Expansion Frame
PLC-AMX AMX Emulation Card
PLC-IN7 7-Contact Input Card
PLC-IRIN IR Input Card
PLC-IROUT IR Output Card
PLC-RL8 8-Relay Card
PLC-SER Dual Port RS-232/Single Port RS-485 Card
Landmark Hub and AV Matrix Cards (Discontinued)
PLB-AMP8 8-Channel Audio Amplifier
PLB-AS16 16x16 Stereo Audio Switch
PLB-AS8 8x8 Stereo Audio Switch
PLH-MIC Microphone Hub Card, 8 PHASTLink and MIC Ports
PLH-RPT Hub Card, 15 PHASTLink Ports
PLH-TPW Touch Panel Wiring Board
PLH-VS8 8x8 Composite Video Switch, 8 VSS Inputs
Landmark CardFrames (Discontinued)
PLB-CF10 CardFrame with 10 Card Slots and 16 Port Hub
PLB-CF2 CardFrame with 2 Slots
Landmark Master Cards (Discontinued)
PLC-MCU4 4MB Master Control Card
Landmark Bus Box Controller (Discontinued)
PMB-IRI Mini IR Input Box
PMB-TCC Television Control Center
Landmark Accessories (Discontinued)
PBSAM Serial Access Modules
PLH-BLANK Hub Card Blank Plate
PLS-CNMA Landmark Home Theater
PM-RAC Large Chassis Rack Mount Kit
PM-RAC2 PLB-CF2 Rack Mount Kit
PM-RSH2 Additional PLB-CF2 Shelf for PM-RAC2

MX Controllers (Discontinued)

MX Single Projector Controllers (Discontinued)
MX2 Fwd, Rev
MX3 Fwd, Rev, On/Off
MX4 Fwd, Rev, Focus In/Out
MX4A Fwd, Rev, Focus In/Out, On/Off
MX20 Fwd, Rev
MX2L Fwd, Rev, with Laser Pointer
MX30 Fwd, Rev, On/Off
MX3L Fwd, Rev, On/Off with Laser Pointer
MX40 Fwd, Rev, Focus In/Out
MX40A Fwd, Rev, Focus In/Out, On/Off
MX40B Fwd, Rev, Focus In/Out, On/Off, Auxiliary On/Off
MX4L Fwd, Rev, Focus In/Out with Laser Pointer
MX Dual Projector Controller (Discontinued)
MX12 Fwd, Rev, Focus In/Out, On/Off, Dual Fwd, Dual Rev - Two Projectors
MX120 Fwd, Rev, Focus In/Out, On/Off, Dual Fwd, Dual Rev - Two Projectors
MX22 Fwd, Rev - Two Projectors Simultaneously
MX22A Fwd, Rev - Two Projectors Independently
MX30A Fwd, Rev, On/Off - Two Projectors Independently
MX Accessories (Discontinued)
MX16-IRX IR Relay Receiver, 16 Relays
MX8-IRX IR Relay Receiver, 8 Relays
MX-PS Power Supply
MX12TX 12 Buttons, 12 Functions (Transmitter Only)
MX16 RF Relay Receiver, 16 Relays
MX8 RF Relay Receiver, 8 Relays
MX120TX 12 Buttons, 12 Functions (Transmitter Only)
MX20TX 2 Buttons, 2 Functions (Transmitter Only)
MX22ATX 4 Buttons, 4 Functions (Transmitter Only)
MX22TX 2 Buttons, 2 Functions (Transmitter Only)
MX2TX 2 Buttons, 2 Functions (Transmitter Only)
MX2TXL 2 Buttons, 2 Functions with Laser Pointer (Transmitter Only)
MX30ATX 4 Buttons, 3 Functions (Transmitter Only)
MX30TX 4 Buttons, 2 Functions (Transmitter Only)
MX40ATX 4 Buttons, 5 Functions (Transmitter Only)
MX40BTX 4 Buttons, 6 Functions (Transmitter Only)
MX40TX 4 Buttons, 4 Functions (Transmitter Only)
MX4AL 4 Buttons, 5 Functions (Transmitter Only)
MX4ATX 4 Buttons, 5 Functions (Transmitter Only)
MX4ATXL 4 Buttons, 5 Functions with Laser Pointer (Transmitter Only)
MX4TX 4 Buttons, 4 Functions (Transmitter Only)
MX4TXL 4 Buttons, 4 Functions with Laser Pointer (Transmitter Only)
MX Mobile Wireless Mouse (Discontinued)
MX-MM Wireless Mouse Controller (PC-Compatible)
MX Computer Controllers (Discontinued)
KC/2R Keyboard Commander, PS/2
KCR Keyboard Commander, AT/XT
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