What are the AMX Certifications currently being offered?

AMX is proud to offer the AMX Certified Expert (ACE) program, giving special credit and recognition to the individuals and companies who have gone above and beyond to become certified. The AMX Solutions Master (ASM) program certifies individuals who are capable of integrating complete AMX solutions and technologies, made up of the following ACE certifications:

ACE Certification 12-month Cycle

Effective July 1, 2013, the AMX University ACE certification program will be managed and maintained on an annual (i.e. 12 month) cycle, with an expiration interval of 365 days from date of certification achievement. Email notices will be sent at 90 and 30 day increments prior to certification expiration. Included in these notices will be details about upcoming re-certification options. To keep your certifications up to date, click to review the Maintenance Requirements .

If you have any questions regarding this program or the status of your certifications, please contact AMXTrainingHelp@harman.com.

Register for Classes Now

NOTE: To register for classes, you must have a valid AMX Company ID. To obtain your AMX Company ID, please email AMXService@harman.com.


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