Case Study - Colorado Army National Guard

The Challenge:

The Colorado Army National Guard (CONG) needed state of the art training and accommodation facilities at its Fort Carson, Colorado base to educate and train America’s future military leaders.

The Solution:

The CONG completed the largest construction project in its history with the opening of the training center complex, providing more than 300,000 square feet of state-of-the-art training and accommodations. AMX, JBL and Crown were key components of the technology implemented, with a focus on RMS, RPM, support for BYOD and the military’s CAC cards, as well as AMX’s JITC testing and approval.

The Impact:

As a result, the learning space is collaborative, student-centered and flexible to the needs of teachers and students. Instructors in the space are empowered to use innovative pedagogy to drive their uses of technology rather than the reverse. The lab supports effective face-to-face, online and hybrid techniques, and provides an exciting, intuitive and seamless experience for teachers and students alike. As a learning space, the Doceo Center lab serves as a flagship for technology-enhanced pedagogy and innovation for the university and region.

"This multi-component training facility project was a dream of many of the Army National Guard senior leaders that began about 25 years ago. AMX’s technology played a large role because it met the security and performance standards set forth by the military. The JITC certification on the hardware was a huge deciding factor as well as the ease and flexibility RPM was able to provide us while managing our cost. And having a Certificate of Networthiness for RMS along with support for BYOD and the military’s CAC cards, allowed us to deliver a secure and reliable solution."Todd Smith, Network Systems Engineer