Designed specifically for K12 learning environments and their operations, our technology automation packages are aimed at providing a sustainable, efficient, safe, and connected learning environment.

What is AMX SchoolView?

A True IP Based Campus Communications Solution

Now you can simplify, control and automate your bells and public address systems. You can take advantage of your existing network to distribute prerecorded or live video to any and all displays. From the user-friendly touch panel or from a tablet, remotely control classrooms to receive video messaging, to power down to conserver energy and to alert staff and students of an emergency situation. Schoolview Unified Campus or Bell & PA solutions both utilize innovative technologies, create effective learning environments – all while reducing costs.

BYOD / Screen Mirroring

Classroom Presentation System

AMX introduces the Enzo classroom. Enzo is a flexible platform for classrooms, providing Instant On, Instant BYOD, Instant Screen Mirroring, and Instant Sharing. Enzo is designed as a flexible platform that can adapt to the changing tools and teaching styles. To make Enzo intuitive, we observed what people do in a classroom and developed the interface to support those activities. Teachers know how to use Enzo with very little training.