HARMAN in Corporate Spaces

Corporate Enterprises throughout the world leverage technology to enable employees to achieve their objectives productively and efficiently. HARMAN assists our corporate clients in harnessing the power of various, disparate technologies by ensuring they work reliably and cohesively, while allowing users to focus on communication rather than the technology tool they are using. Our approach to standardized systems helps corporate clients achieve their goals to make technology ownership manageable and secure.

Common HARMAN Applications in Corporate Spaces are:

  • Meeting Room Automation
  • Space Scheduling
  • Distributed / Networked AV
  • Audio Processing and Distribution
  • Loud Speakers and Sound Management
  • Digital Signage
  • Enterprise AV Asset Management
  • Architectural Lighting

Meeting Spaces

The Perfect Meeting

With everything from beautiful, intuitive user interfaces to sophisticated room control and audiovisual distribution, HARMAN has solutions that fit any space from the smallest huddle space to the most complex corporate boardroom. With the press of a single button on a touch panel or keypad, users can start their presentation. There is no need to worry about dimming lights, lowering screens or turning on or off several pieces of equipment. All of that happens automatically.

Corporations around the globe desiring sophisticated yet easy-to-use meeting spaces standardize on HARMAN. With centralized management tools from HARMAN, IT managers can proactively address errors so the room is always working and available.

Activity Based Working

Flexible Solutions for Modern Ways of Working

Agile work environments have redefined how modern employees work. With a focus on casual, impromptu meetings and instant collaboration, activity-based working encourages employees to work together and choose the right space for each task. HARMAN has solutions that allow employees to find meeting spaces quickly and easily. Our beautiful room scheduling panels allow employees to find and book available meeting spaces right from the device. Then, our collection of collaboration solutions allow employees to get together and get on with business, whether they are meeting with employees in the office or around the globe.

Campus Wide AV Distribution

Connect with Staff. Connect with Clients.

Connecting the corporate campus and enhancing the workplace is a passion for HARMAN. From the time employees and clients hit the lobby, let technology welcome them with important messages, branding and news. Share content from boardroom to boardroom, or boardroom to lunchroom, or boardroom to all rooms. Anything is possible. Our audiovisual signal distribution solutions are the most complete in the industry. We are the leader in Networked AV that allows content to be streamed over an existing network. And, for those who prefer that audio video streams not be put on the network, we also have solutions that send uncompressed pixel perfect video over dedicated category cable or fiber infrastructures. We round out our offering with digital signage and content management systems that enhance the flexibility, beauty and simplicity of your vision.

Global Connections

Video without Borders, Leading the way with Networked AV

HARMAN Networked AV delivers audiovisual communication without borders. Our Networked AV solutions allow audio and video signals to be placed directly onto an existing network and streamed anywhere around the globe. Want to send the CEO's town hall meeting to boardrooms in multiple cities? Not a problem. HARMAN has you covered.

Enterprise Wide System Management

Maximum uptime is guaranteed with HARMAN's Resource Management Suite that allows staff to centrally monitor AV technology and support it remotely right from the help desk. Have a projector bulb about to burn out? Our systems will tell you before it happens.

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