Using Technology to Fuel Activity-Based Working

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With the growth of technology allowing employees to work anywhere, a new workplace trend called Activity Based Working has emerged that redefines the purpose and function of the modern office and gives it a focus on different work "spaces" that center on different activities rather than individual, static desk locations. This white paper explores how technology can fuel collaboration in an activity based working environment, with practical advice on how to develop technology solutions that will make implementing activity based working a success.

You will learn:

  • Trends driving workplace change and how companies are addressing them
  • Types of activity spaces in an activity-based working environment and how technology can help make these spaces more functional
  • How to manage activities and technology in activity areas
  • Considerations when starting activity-based working and how to get the benefits now

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Sneak Peek

"In recent years, there has been a shift not just in the technology that sits on the desks, but in the way the environment functions. This operational approach is called "activity based working" or ABW. The basic idea behind activity based working is that it views the office not simply as a place where employees work, but as a place where employees solve problems. The workspace is where ideas are created, discussed, and shared, and this can only be done when people with different ideas, focuses, and jobs address the various angles to a problem that a single employee or department might not be able to identify alone."