Acendo Core Meeting Space Collaboration System Software v1.0.850.0

Last Updated: Mar 27, 2018

Release Features
Initial Release Version, including:
  -- Web Conferencing including One-Click Skype for Business
  -- Wireless Sharing with AirPlay, Google Cast, and Miracast
  -- On-screen Scheduling
  -- Active Directory Authentication
  -- Network Drive Support
  -- Built-in Document Viewers
  -- Dual Monitor and Touch Screen support

Known Issues
  -- The Room Scheduling feature, Room Grouping, requires network traffic management when using both NICs

Supported Application Known Issues
  -- Skype for Business - Search and Address Book may not populate
  -- Skype for Business - When Core is connected to a 4K display, Skype for Business screen sharing has lag
  -- Media Playback (VLC, Browser) - HD video playback is fully supported, but 4K media playback of content from web or USB is not fully supported
  -- Remote Desktop Client - When Core is connected to a 4K display and remoting into a lower resolution target system, windows and text may appear small
  -- Windows 10 Share - May be confused by an end user with the Acendo Core Email Share feature
  -- Google Cast - Some Android devices are not officially supported for wireless sharing, and may experience stuttering and connection issues
  -- Anti-Virus software - May disrupt the dual NIC internet traffic
  -- On first session after updating Acendo Core software, some Anti-Virus apps, such as Symantec, will prompt user to confirm access for important Acendo Core services, as they have changed since previous use. As a workaround, either disable “Network Application Monitoring” or click through approvals after each software update

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