AMX RoomBook and AMX Acendo Book Scheduling Touch Panels Firmware v1.1.15

Last Updated: Mar 15, 2018



Installation Note:

v1.1.15 Browse Rooms feature is not compatible with v1.0.4. All group members should be upgraded to v1.1.15.

New features and bug fixes in this release:

  • Added Proxy server support (HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS4/SOCKS5)
  • Added support for custom Security Certificates
    • Added ability to install certs via USB.
    • Added ability to turn on/off SSL Validation for Exchange and Office 365
  • Browse Rooms Enhancement
    • Improved responsiveness for queries
    • Added support for room grouping with Acendo Core
    • Added rooms that are currently not available in the list, along with time until the room is available.
  • Booking Feedback Enhancement
    • Improved timing of notifications shown during booking/editing/deleting meetings
  • Calendar Timeline Display
    • Ad-Hoc Meetings booked by Acendo Book always display subject (default or user entered), even if Exchange backend is configured to replace Subject with Organizer.
    • Ensure subject is always visible on the calendar display for long meetings (1.5+ hours). Also show current meeting time and when the room is next available.
  • Additional Language Support
    • Added Greek and Hungarian language
  • Troubleshooting Enhancements
    • Scheduler Credentials Validation Button
      • Added button in Calendar setup to Verify scheduler settings.
    • Enhanced certificate support for scheduling platforms. Resolves "Trust anchor for certification path not found": error.
    • Enhanced troubleshooting debug logs for Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 installs. Utilize the "ewstrace on" SSH command to turn on extra EWS logs. After running this command, the output of "msg on" will have more details.
    • Enabled access to settings when panel has a network/calendar error. This is accomplished by pressing the top bar of the screen (or clicking via VNC) for 5 seconds.
    • Updated EWS library with newer version.
  • Privacy Flag
    • Use Exchange, Office 365 or Google "privacy" flag on Acendo Book. A meeting marked as private will behave the same way the global Acendo Book "Privacy Mode" behaves.
      Note: For Exchange and Office 365, the Exchange server need to set the room's "-RemovePrivateProperty" to $false for Acendo Book to be able to read the privacy mode. By default, this is set to $true.
  • Default Display Timeout
    • Changed default display timeout from 'None' to '8 hours'
  • Default PIN Code Authentication Setting
    • Changed default PIN Code setting to OFF.
  • Button Sounds bug
    • Resolve bug where there are no sounds on the "<" and ">" buttons on the "Book Room" screen.
  • Added SSH commands for remote management features
    • Added SSH 'webu' command.
      • 'webu' SSH command allows installing Firmware from a URL. Gives customers an option to install firmware update without removing devices from the wall to access USB connection. Example: webu
    • Added SSH 'group' command.
      • 'group' SSH command allows listing of all members in the group along their config (serial number, calendar address, type, etc).
    • Added SSH 'version' command.
      • 'version' SSH command shows the current firmware version running.
    • Added SSH 'calendar' command.
      • 'calendar' SSH command allows an administrator to remotely change the current calendar server password.
    • Added SSH 'ewstrace' command.
      • 'ewstrace' SSH command will display extra logs on when using "msg on" command. This can be useful during debugging Exchange/Office365.

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