Modero X Series G5 Touch Panels Firmware v1.7.30

Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018

Prerequisites: None

Changes in This Release

    * Add IPv6 Support. 
      - IPv6 support is disabled by default.
      - Supports Link-local IPv6 address, neighbour discovery IPv6 address, 
        and static IPv6 address. 
      - IPv6 gateway can be discovered using IPv6 router discovery or a static
        IPv6 gateway can be set.
      - Static IPv6 settings that can be set are the IPv6 address, the IPv6 
        subnet prefix length, the IPv6 gateway, and the IPv6 DNS servers.
    * Add secure master connection. 
      - Secure connection uses TLS with x.509 certificate connection 
        verification. If the master uses a custom device certificate, then that 
        certificate should be installed in the panel using:
        Settings->Security->Credential Storage->Install From Storage->Trusted CA
    * Added 802.1x support. 
      - Supplicant uses FIPS 140-2 library for 802.1x which limits 
        EAP method/Phase 2 authentication to only TTLS/PAP. Certificate used for
        IPv6 must be installed using:
        Settings->Security->Credential Storage->Install From Storage->802.1x
    * Added support for IPv6 addresses being used with dynamic images.
      - ^RAF/^RMF commands now support IPv6 addresses HTTP. IPv6 addresses 
        should be inside [] (e.g. [2001::1] )
    * Added password protected button property.
    * Add G5 support for HTTPS client options.
      - Validate HTTPS Server Certificate: If enabled, the HTTPS server 
        certificate is validated while the connection is being negotiated.
      - Verify HTTPS Server Hostname: If enabled, verify the HTTPS server 
        hostname matches the HTTPS server certificate.
    * Add modal popup support and support for popups with names  ( _name ).
      - Enforce modal popups and popups with names beginning with underscore
        are highest in Z order of popups in the order of attachment.
    * Added FIPS 140-2 SSL/TLS approved library to platform.
    * Add support for Audit Logging to a NetLinx master which will log
      to the syslog server if configured.
    * Add central storage for encrypted data. Usernames/passwords from previous
      versions will be migrated but if downgrading to prior release then
      the current usernames/passwords will not be downgraded to previous 
      version. They should be reset on downgrading of firmware versions.
    * Added USB security settings.
    * Add support for enclosing ListView .csv fields inside quotations.
      - Support escaping quotation marks inside of quotes with consecutive 
        quotation marks.
    * Add Firefox as default browser.
    * Add 'scale - maintain aspect ratio' image justification. 
      Justification value is 11 when using a SEND_COMMAND to set the 
      justification for a image.
    * Add support for custom NTP server. Panel time is set to master time by 
    * Add clear icon to ListView search field.
    * Add support for ^BML command and %ML ^BMF option.
    * Added Custom Event when USB is plugged/unplugged.   = 0
        custom.type = 791
        custom.flag = 1 if USB device was attached. 0 if USB device was detached.
        custom.value1 = 0
        custom.value2 = 0
        custom.value3 = 0
        custom.text   = 'USB device attached' or 'USB device detached'
    * Add ^SAD Subpage Add command. Adds a subpage to a set but doesn't change 
      the set anchor.
    * Fix Intercom/SIP commands not always reported in right port.
    * Fix level types not being retained after an online/offline.
    * Fix level types not being reported correctly in some cases. This could 
      cause a level that is signed and went negative to be displayed at max 
      positive values.
    * Fix where after a TPD5 file transfer the panel came online two times.
    * Fix text append to a Text Input button.
    * Fix ^BAT command to accept ISO-8859-1 encoded text instead of UTF8 encoded
    * Add ^BAF command that expects UTF8 encoded text.
    * Fix ListView refresh commands from updating UI until list data has been 
    * Fix problems with ^BMF subcommand %GV, removed subcommand %SH and fixed 
      issue with ^UTF command not showing Unicode characters.
    * Fixed issue with ^TPN where page tracking would not occur after startup 
      (when enabled) until ^TPN was sent to the touch panel. Pages will now be 
      tracked upon startup if page tracking is turned on.
    * Fixed single line text buttons so that a done button always appears 
      instead of a return button.
    * Fixed single line text buttons so that done button sends contained string 
      to master.
    * Fixed text buttons so that when cancelled only one abort message is sent 
      to the master. Cancelling is done by either changing focus to different 
      buttons or closing the keyboard.
    * Fixed multiline text buttons so that a done button is shown with the 
    * Fixed bug with password dialog where enter key on hardware keyboard would 
      add new line. Hardware keyboard's enter keys now act as pressing OK on the
      dialog. Pressing 'Done' key on soft keyboard now is the same as pressing 
      OK on the dialog.
    * Fix ListView to handle using SQL keywords in column/table names.
    * Fix video streaming using UDP/RTP data on a multicast IPv6 address.
    * Fixed ^BMF %P and %SO options not able to be cleared.
    * Fix HTTP Digest authentication for MD5-sess algorithm.
    * Fix HTTP Digest authentication when server sends HTTP redirects.
    * Fix VNC input location offset errors.
      - Errors introduced through new display timings in 19" and 20" panels 
        requiring display buffer size changes that were not compensated for in 
        the VNC server input.
    * Fix where multiple subpage viewers with the same address code didn't 
      handle subpage show/hide send commands correctly.
    * Fix subpages intermittently not anchoring in correct position after 
      multiple ^SSH/^SHD commands.
    * Fix crash when multiple subpages were hidden/shown simultaneously.
    * Increase the dispatching timeout to 20 seconds from the default 5 seconds
      to reduce ANR messages.
    * Ensure inactivity page flip tracking sent to master.
    * Only send ^WCN response if VNC is enabled.
    * Fix PKEYB and PKEYP commands not displaying keyboard/keypad if no '-' is 
      part of the command.
      - Add support for @PKB command. Syntax same as ^PKB.
    * Allow dynamic images loader to continue to attempt connections after 3 
      failed attempts, but do so at a reduced rate.
    * Handle encoded paths and files in ^RMF/^RAF commands.
       - Fix Resource path (%A) and File (%F) parameters that contain URL 
         encoded text (%%xx).
    * Fix HTTP get of dynamic image when no content-type is in the 
      server response.
    * Fix mishandling of URIs like http://user@server:pass@host:port/path/file.
      (Usernames that have an '@'.)  
    * Handle URL encoding/decoding in Dynamic Images and ListView Images.

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