SVSI N-Able PC v2023-09-03 (Windows)

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: SVSI N-Able PC v5.1.6 (Windows). ×

Last Updated: Sep 15

Last Updated: September 3, 2023

Product Name: N-Able

Version: 2023-09-03
Release Date: 2023-09-03



Starting in release 2023-09-03, SVSI V-Series is NO longer supported.


Revision History

Version 2023-09-03
- Performance enhancements
- Removed support for V-Series devices

Version 2023-08-13
- Updated the ability to deploy firmware when units are in secure mode
- Condensed the video matrix to a single grid showing all N-Series units
- Added the ability to create Groups of different encoder/decoders
- Added a software audio decoder for troubleshooting
- Audio must not be encrypted to be heard on computer
- Added .svsiupdate formatting to the updater
- allows for the .bin and .ver files to be condensed into a single file for file management purposes.
- Added the ability to see both digital input resolutions on the N2600 Series Enc
- Added a firmware field in Unit Management
- Modified the Menu of Tools
- Added a Troubleshoot menu

Version 2023-04-04
- Performance enhancements
- Added "Select All" to Updater
- Fixed issue with displaying Resolutions on N2600 Series in Unit Management

Version 2022-12-21
- Performance enhancements
- Fixed missing elements in settings pages of N-Series units

Version 2022-06-10
- Implemented row numbers into the unit management tab.

Version 2022-05-13
- Corrected issue with UnitDiff working with the N2300 Series
- Corrected issue when accessing N-CMD units not directing to HTTPS webpage

Version 2022-03-07
- Performance enhancements
- Allowing for increased firmware package size uploads
- Added CSV export/import of NetLinx menu items

Version 2021-12-13
- Added AES67 to import and export
- Improvements to the CSV menu items
- Improvements to the NVR panel
- Performance Enhancements

Version 2021-11-14
- Upgrade to the built-in web browser
- Mac version is back
- N-Able comes with built-in SSL support
- HDCP support is now available for all series by default
- Dark Mode
- Various rewordings... KVM Matrix, HDCP Settings, Menu, CSV export chooser has spaces
- Updater is now a Tool inside N-Able, and it has its own list of improvements
- Significant performance improvement to the unit management table
- Polling pausing at 50+ units has been removed

Version 2020-07-29
- Added AES67 Switching to SVSI products with current AES67 support.
- Added AES67 disabling when switching to SVSI audio stream.

Version 2018-01-29
- CSV performance and stability improvements
- Unit diff tool
- AES67 matrix improvements
- USB matrix improvements
- Documents browser app
- 2400 WP support


Known Issues

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