AMX SVSI Networked AV Video N-Series Windowing and Wall Processor Capabilities

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For more details, please visit: The AMX SVSI N-Series Windowing Processor capable of handling multiple real-time HD video over ip streams with no video input or output connectors -- only network ports. This is a fundamental shift in the way ProAV technologies have traditionally addressed windowing but one that increases capability and flexibility while reducing installation and support costs. Windowing Any window -- anywhere. Select from any number of default or user-defined presets with audio. Slide windows around on command for attention-getting displays while switching video streams in and out seamlessly as needed. Wall Processing By using one Windowing Processor and one decoder per panel, 4k or larger pixel-per-pixel video walls with spanning capability can be created. One encoder per live video feed allows multiple windows to be spanned and placed anywhere on a video wall -- at less than half the cost of traditional wall processors. Inputs and panels can be easily expanded in the future.