Audio Distribution

ALERO - Isn’t clarity what we all dream of when hosting a web conference call?

Tired of feeling like you are "on mute"? Ensure that your voice and every voice in the room is heard clearly with the Alero Web Conferencing Audio Mixer. Alero ensures crystal clear web audio conferences, supports up to 8 room microphones, and actively adjusts levels on the fly. So there’s no more scrambling to the front of the room to be heard. Instead just sit back, relax, and focus on your meeting.

  • Alr aec 8 front small


    Alero Web Conferencing Audio Mixer
  • Alr amp 8 front small


    Alero 8 Zone Power Amplifier
  • Precisdsp 18x18 front small

    Precis DSP Stereo RCA DVC

    Stereo Audio with RCA Digital Volume Control and Digital Signal Processing

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