Digital Switchers

AMX Solecis® Digital Switchers allow you to connect multiple devices and then switch to a single video output. They are useful at a table with a HydraPort®, for example, where there are several video cables in a single place. Digital Switchers can either connect to an Enova DVX or DGX switcher in a larger room or directly to a display in a smaller space.

Solecis Digital Switchers

The Solecis SDX is a family of small digital AV switchers. Solecis Digital Switchers are ideal for use in huddle spaces or small classrooms to provide simple switching for multiple sources. In larger rooms with multiple work spaces, a Solecis at each table or desk allows users to share content with the work group or the entire room.

  • Sdx 414 dx small


    Solecis® 4x1 4K HDMI Digital Switcher with DXLink™ Output
  • Sdx 514m dx small


    Solecis® 5x1 4K Multi-Format Digital Switcher with DXLink™ Output

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