Acendo Vibe Firmware v2.8.9

Last Updated: Jun 29, 2018

Release Notes
All Acendo Vibe models (ACV-2100, ACV-5100)

FG #: FG4121-00BL, FG4121-00GR, FG4151-00BL, FG4151-00GR
(including all model numbers with additional suffixes i.e. -00, -UA, -EK, -KR, -CN)

Firmware Release Version: 2.8.9
Release Date: 6/27/2018

Prerequisites: None

New Features in This Release
* Added USB, Optical, and Aux In support for auto-switching Audio Source Select
Note that USB and HDMI trigger a switch based on cable connection, Optical and Aux In trigger on audio presence,
and Bluetooth triggers based on entering pairing or paired state

* Enhanced auto-switching Audio Source Select by adding a priority based scheme as follows (in priority order below):
1 - Bluetooth (pairing/paired mode)
2 - USB (cable connection)
3 - HDMI (cable connection)
4 - Optical (audio presence)
5 - Aux. in (audio presence)
**Note that default source select on power up is USB

* Vacancy/Occupancy detection has been updated to include user events(button presses, USB/HDMI/BT connections, etc),
ext. motion sensor(if connected), & active audio on currently selected source

* Added low power mode with the intention of being compliant with European ErP & Korean KC regulations.
Low power mode is enabled by default, but can be disabled with a new command or thru Configuration Tool
Trigger for entering low power is based on vacancy detection
Triggers for exiting low power are the following: USB/HDMI input cable detect, camera streaming, any button press,
& aux. in audio activity
Added additional RS-232 serial commands to
set /system/lowpower/mode <on|off>
get /system/lowpower/mode

* Enhanced AEC performance by updating internal settings and limiting amp volume range

* Enhanced CEC communications including message retries

* Added new RS-232/serial command for firmware update to the Configuration Tool:
exec /system/firmware/update/mcu

* Added new RS-232/serial command for occupancy state query to the Configuration Tool:
get /occupancy/state


Firmware Issues Fixed in This Release

* Improved reliability of firmware/settings updates via Configuration Tool by ensuring that all RS-232 received
communication is ignored while Setup Mode is active
* Improved reliability of writing configuration settings via Configuration Tool by inserting a 1 second delay
* Improved reliability of the Configuration Tool when the sound bar is in Setup Mode, by temporarily disabling RS-232/Serial communications
* Resolved issue where configuration settings changes are not saved if entered shortly before a firmware update
* Resolved issue where the DSP revision number sometimes did not read consistently on ACV-2100 (audio-only) sound bars
* Resolved issue of not always writing configuration settings after a firmware update
* Resolved issue with CEC vacancy detected delay
* Resolved inconsistency in time to enter vacancy on both ACV-2100 and ACV-5100

* Microphone is now automatically muted if audio source selected is Optical, HDMI, or Aux In, as they have no mic usage
* Improved Aux Out volume scale to be more linear
* Resolved issue on Aux Out where noise is heard when HDMI source is selected without any HDMI input connected
* Resolved issue where muting sound bar speaker volume was not muting Aux Out as well
* Resolved issue where max volume playback had audio cut out or distortion if it contains a high level of low frequency (bass) content

* Fixed issue when a HDMI input connection sends a CEC standby which will turn the display off

* Resolved a rare issue with the side panel keypad of the sound bar missing button presses on speaker mute button

* Improved reliability of USB firmware updates with older laptops

* None


Known Issues/Requests

* Bluetooth Audio connections from a laptop are supported, but Bluetooth HFP (conferencing)
is not fully supported depending on the laptop hardware
* The use of external sound reinforcement speakers via AUX OUT is only recommended for
audio playback, not for audio conferencing, as it reduces the effectiveness of the AEC
* Acendo Vibe does not include 3-pin/6-pin Phoenix connectors (used for advanced integration) in the box.
Must be purchased separately
* Known Windows 10 issue with built-in Skype app which can cause an error which states
"Camera in use by another application" error. Workaround: install/use standalone
Skype or SfB app, or revert to earlier app revision
* Video does not always display on TV when hotplugging the input source or when Vibe starts up
* Camera-in-use LED ring may not turn off immediately at the conclusion of a web conference
* Camera operates at 60Hz and may have lighting strobe effect in certain lighting environments
* Speaker volume control from laptops over USB is not supported. Must control volume on the Vibe via remote, side keypad on sound bar, or RS232.
* Microphone volume control is not supported over USB
* Small static "pop" can be heard on Aux Out when cycling thru audio sources
* Acendo Vibe supports only stereo sound inputs, not surround sound audio inputs

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