Solutions: Command

Control system operations begin with AMX touch panels and keypads, which use a combination of touch-activated buttons and icons to execute activities as well as navigating device and system controls. Whether you need to "BEGIN PRESENTATION" in a boardroom or power down every inch of a 20,000 square foot building, these interfaces are simple to operate yet smart enough to assimilate the hundreds of required steps needed to execute an instantaneous result.

From a commander’s conference room to an instructional auditorium, AMX is in command of the perfect meeting experience. With a simple press of “AUDIO CONFERENCE", your wall sconces are dimmed, table lights brighten and all 36 of your global agency offices are brought onscreen for instant, one-touch dialing and integration. All of your colleagues’ names, numbers and time zones are clearly displayed so that everyone can see who’s coming online and who has the floor. At the end of your meeting, another touch returns the room to its original state, ready for the next meeting.

If mobile control is a necessity, AMX touch panels are available in wireless models, some of which include the robust Cisco CCX Certification for encrypted wireless security. Apple and Android phones and tablets can also be used as virtual AMX touch panels throughout a facility. AMX also offers the utmost in video annotation to allow users to illustrate and annotate over up to four video sources at once. Regardless of your requirements, AMX has the solutions to transform any government or military facility into a highly efficient and technologically savvy operation.

Recommended Products

User Benefits

Advanced Control Functionality

Modero X Series Touch Panels are frameless, panoramic and widescreen touch panels with a low-profile design, which offers more usable real estate for control, applications and video. The capacitive multi-touch screen allows users to access several applications with minimal navigation and manage multiple video windows simultaneously, such as presenting, controlling and previewing. These panels also feature an integrated 720p high definition camera (in tabletop models) for video chat and conferencing, high definition video streaming, Near Field Communications support and support for Bluetooth and external USB devices. Their low-profile design ensures that the Modero X never obstructs the view of the user or distracts communications with other people in the room.

Quad Screen Video Annotation Capabilities

The TPI-PRO-DVI is a hardware solution that allows users to simultaneously display up to four sources for the presenter to control and select. The TPI-PRO-DVI supports multiple video input connections including DVI, VGA, Component and Composite. This solution gives users the ability to draw or write on live video, freeze the video to allow annotation over a single image and store pictures as JPEG image files for later use. This solution is often used in operations centers and board rooms that focus on gathering information or intelligence from video sources or medical facilities analyzing complex data.

Sleek, Modular Cable Connection System

HydraPort is a completely modular, retractable cable connection system built to accommodate the diverse connection needs of conference and meeting room visitors. Laptops, projectors, document cameras, DVD players, audio equipment and other support devices can be easily connected and controlled by the HydraPort family of solutions.

Simple, Cost-Effective Control through Metreau Keypads and Novara ControlPads

Metreau Keypads and Novara ControlPads offer simplified, cost-effective control for wall or podium-mounted locations. Pushbuttons can be programmed for device control and activity execution and the Metreau Keypad navigation wheel can control volume or dimming of lights. Novara Control Pads interface with AMX’s Resource Management Suite (RMS) Software through an integrated Ethernet port giving users the ability to monitor, maintain and schedule connected rooms using RMS.