Solutions: Communications

AMX has a full breadth of solutions to help you communicate more efficiently through our voice and video communication systems and our digital signage solutions. Our offerings include intercom-enabled touch panels that allow users to place calls or communicate with other intercom-enabled touch panels to transform their panels into full-featured Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones.

Adding a Communications Gateway to an AMX installation opens up a variety of innovative telephony applications that significantly increase the value of the touch panel and the entire installation. The Communications Gateway creates a gateway between a customer’s AV and IT networks and their phone systems and allows intercom-enabled touch panels to act as intercoms or phones and enables any phone to control an AV system. Combined with other electronic devices, users can secure doors and broadcast emergency announcements throughout a facility.

Our digital signage solutions allow users to easily and consistently develop top quality content and create impactful messages that help them communicate effectively via an integrated network media approach. In addition to offering signage players, software and templates to make it easy for users to get up and running quickly, AMX provides training and support to users as well. What makes AMX unique is that we can integrate our control systems with signage giving users more flexibility and management control over the entire signage deployment. This enables critical capabilities such as getting a notification when a display goes offline and being able to reset it remotely. With no ongoing software license fees, AMX Inspired Signage solutions are subscription-free which makes them more cost-effective than subscription-based solutions. AMX Digital Signage can be combined with other AMX Media Management Solutions for a fully integrated network media solution.

Recommended Products

User Benefits

Advanced Control Functionality

Modero X Series Touch Panels are frameless, panoramic and widescreen touch panels with a low-profile design, which offers more usable real estate for control, applications and video. The capacitive multi-touch screen allows users to access several applications with minimal navigation and manage multiple video windows simultaneously, such as presenting, controlling and previewing. These panels also feature an integrated 720p high definition camera (in tabletop models) for video chat and conferencing, high definition video streaming, Near Field Communications support and support for Bluetooth and external USB devices. Their low-profile design ensures that Modero X Series Touch Panels never obstruct the view of the user or distract communications with other people in the room.

Affordable and User-Friendly Digital Signage

AMX offers two digital signage solutions to meet a variety of user needs. Inspired XPert provides digital signage with superior graphics in an easy-to-use solution that is subscription free. The IS-200 player supports 1080p at 60 frames per second with processing power to simultaneously display HD video, images, text, and Internet feeds.

Inspired XPress is based on a new player which provides a small, yet powerful digital signage solution with customization capabilities for moderately sophisticated customers. It features a simple, comprehensive software tool that allows users to quickly and easily create templates and content, and then publish that content to tiny, cost-effective players that can easily be mounted behind a display.

In addition to turnkey, dynamic digital messaging, AMX offers software tools to provide real-time monitoring, logging and reporting of the system status, and collecting viewer behavior statistics and system usage to maximize the benefits of signage.

Integrated Controllers

Our NetLinx Central Controllers have a wide variety of capabilities depending on project needs. From single room environments to large areas and multiple rooms, our controllers integrate a large number of devices and provide control of a wide variety of components including audio/video conferencing, projectors, DVD and Blu-ray players, lights, thermostats and other electronic equipment found in larger areas.