AMX SVSI Networked AV N1000, N2000, N3000 Series Encoders/Decoders

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For more details please visit: AMX SVSI's N-Series offers three Video over IP product families providing the ultimate in price, performance, and flexibility in Pro AV: the N1000 Series for economical, in-room solutions, the N2000 Series for HD, Cinema-grade video on the LAN, and the N3000 Series to stream and control HD multimedia on the LAN or WAN utilizing H.264 compression. N2000 encoders and decoders are a 10-200 Mbps LAN solution that is backwardly compatible with the Legacy generation JPEG2000 products, plus the feature of input and output scaling. N-Series video over ip encoders and decoders are designed to switch and distribute AV content over any network segment or link; they are resourcefully structured to where a single control layer can seamlessly operate a mix from the N1000, N2000, and N3000 lines.