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The IRIS2 USB IR Remote Capture Device enables the IREDIT2 application to capture the IR control codes used by consumer and professional devices. This allows AMX Control Systems to use this ubiquitous control method to automate device control, simplifying the experience for the end user.


The AMX IRIS2 USB IR Capture Box is ideal for creating AMX .irl files for use in AMX control systems. These .irl files are used by AMX IR ports to control devices by emulating the original IR hand control.


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  • Compact Form Factor – The IRIS2 is remarkably small and weighs just 12 grams
  • USB powered – A single USB-C connection provides data and power
  • Seamlessly integrated – The IREDIT2 application automatically detects the IRIS2
  • IR Transmission – Verify the IR control code capture with the on-board IR TX
  • Expressive Status LED – A multi-color LED provides real-time status for the IRIS2


Ports (USB) USB Type C device port
Product Dimensions (H x W x D) 1" x 2" x 1/2" (2.5 cm x 5.1 cm x 1.2 cm)
Product Weight 0.03 lb (12 g)
SKU Numbers AMX-CAC0002


IREdit2 | Infrared Control Capture Software
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The IREdit2 program works with the IRIS2 USB IR Capture device to create AMX .irl files for use in AMX Control Systems. These .irl files are used by AMX IR ports to control devices by emulating the original IR hand control. The .irl files are typically packaged with the control system’s other important files necessary for the implementation of a control system solution.

  • IRIS2 Auto-Discovery – IREdit2 will auto-detect the correct port when an IRIS2 is connected
  • Manual and Template IR Capture – Template mode speeds IRL creation by guiding the user through the capture process with SNAPI-standard templates
  • Pronto Raw Hex Code Support – Enter Pronto Raw Hex Codes can be entered and converted
  • Direct IRIS2 IR Transmission – Verify IR codes without an AMX control system by transmitting them directly from the IRIS2

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USB IR Capture Device