7x1+1 4K60 Presentation Switcher

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The AMX VPX-1701 is a simple but powerful 7x1+1 scaling presentation switcher that targets small conference rooms and classrooms. The VPX-1701 supports resolutions up to 4K60 4:4:4 and offers HDCP 2.2 compatibility to support the most current sources and displays.

The VPX-1701 includes 5 HDMI inputs and 2 VGA input. The VPX Series switchers include built-in scaling, allowing automatic scaling of signals to match the ideal resolution of the display. In addition to the HDMI output, there is also a mirrored HDBaseT output for use with the DXL-RX-4K60 to bring switched video and audio from the table to the display and USB 2.0 signals from USB 2.0-based camera/speaker devices back to the table for use by visiting laptops. Extracted audio output with volume control is also available, providing an option to feed powered speakers or an amplified soundbar near the display.

There are a variety of options to control the VPX-1701. Front panel controls are available, as is contact closure for use with source selector buttons. The VPX-1701 is NetLinx Native, allowing simplified integration with AMX automation systems, but also includes on open API.


The AMX VPX-1701 is ideal for table mounting in conference rooms or for use in flipped classroom environments.


  Version Language Size Uploaded
file type icon Instruction Manual - VPX-1701
version 1.0.5, updated: 6月 2021
1.0.5    5.05MB 6月 2021
BIM Objects
file type icon VPX-1701 - BIM Object
updated: 8月 2019
    8月 2019
platform icon VPX-1701 Firmware
version 5.9, updated: 9月 2021
5.9     125MB 9月 2021
Data Sheets
file type icon VPX-1701 Datasheet
updated: 8月 2021
    572KB 8月 2021
Quick Start Guides
file type icon Quick Start Guide – VPX-1701
version B, updated: 12月 2018
  1.86MB 12月 2018
file type icon VPX-1701 IECEE CB Test Certificate
updated: 10月 2020
    447KB 10月 2020
file type icon VPX-1701 CE Declaration of Conformity
updated: 10月 2020
    668KB 10月 2020
Product Guides
file type icon DXLink Compatibility Tool
updated: 4月 2021
    4月 2021
Programming Guides
file type icon Zoom Room Controls – VPX-1701 Configuration Example
version 0.1.5, updated: 9月 2021
0.1.5    132KB 9月 2021

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  • 4K60 4:4:4 Support– Experience pixel-for-pixel video reproduction of 4K60 source video with full 4:4:4 color space.
  • HDCP 2.2 Support– Support the latest source devices.
  • Mirrored HDBaseT Output– Provides simultaneous support to the local HDMI output and to compatible receiving devices.
  • USB 2.0 Distribution over HDBaseT – Connect to USB peripherals mounted near the display.
  • Front Panel Control –Simple push-button switching.
  • Audio Output Extraction –Including volume control to feed amplified speakers.
  • Contact Closure –Use with source selector buttons to easily switch sources between connected devices.
  • NetLinx Native –Easy integration with AMX automation systems.
  • Web Configuration –Provides simple user interface for setup and configuration.
  • Open Control API– IP controllable by any control system – even directly by Zoom Rooms


FG Numbers FG1010-357


HARMAN Professional Solutions:


7x1+1 4K60 Presentation Switcher