If you are in North America, our SchoolView team is ready to work with you to design a comprehensive campus system to support students, staff, and administrators with a safe, sustainable, efficient, and connected learning environment. Designed specifically for K12, our HARMAN AMX SchoolView solution allows you to manage school safety and simplify and easily control your K12 campus. With SchoolView, even non-technical users can implement and benefit from automation of classroom technology to management of safety systems, emergency alert notifications, bells, clocks, PA announcements, digital signage, and streaming video – all from a user friendly touch panel, which is easily accessible utilizing your existing IP network. By unifying your campus systems, SchoolView solves the problem of redundant technologies, which not only increase costs but also cause confusion and interference with campus operations. One of the additional benefits of the HARMAN AMX SchoolView solution is that it is completely scalable so that solutions can be implemented where and when they are needed.

Unified Campus

HARMAN’s SchoolView Unified Campus solution ties together disparate systems like school and classroom safety systems, access control, Bell & PA, audio, signage, and more - bringing them under a single control ecosystem, with a common, easy-to-navigate interface to provide critical audible and visual emergency notifications, enhance learning, and simplify campus communication.

Area Dollars Examples to Reduce Costs through a campus unified control solution
School Safety Priceless School safety is a paramount priority for districts, administrators, and society in general, which is why safety management is also a critical capability of the Unified Campus solution. From a single administrator’s mobile device, the school can be instantly locked down, displays and projectors overridden with immediate, customized emergency update notifications, voice alerts distributed throughout the school, as well as other important capabilities to ensure school safety.
Energy Savings Energy Costs Manage projectors and displays, resulting in lower energy costs without licensing or subscription fees.
Infrastructure Construction Costs Install fewer systems, pay fewer installers, and leverage existing structures with a plan for technology growth. Avoid continual wasteful rip and replace practices.
Support Staff Work Hours Spend less time training and supporting multiple systems. Gain a self-sufficient staff and provide a mobile help desk for multiple campus locations. Avoid trying to pinpoint system issues with multiple external vendors. With district report data, staff can more proactively support needs.
Operations Support Costs Avoid fees associated with programming, or external support for basic campus needs. Eliminate multiple warranties and multiple service contracts
Campus Classroom Time Teachers can spend more time teaching and less time managing support technology.
Campus Media Priceless Share campus media to enhance safety plans and technologies for classroom learning.

Classroom / Flipped Classrooms

Support interactive learning in the classroom with integration of student devices while tying the classroom to the unified campus for ease of communication to and from the administrative office, emergency notifications, classroom voice reinforcement, and more. Reach beyond the local class to collaborate with students anywhere in the world with HARMAN flipped classroom technology, featuring affordable, no maintenance, no hassle, web conferencing, and classroom collaboration.

Auditorium & Multi-Use

Multi-use event spaces are crucial to supporting the needs of the student body with limited campus budgets. The right mix of audiovisual components, lighting and control solutions facilitate highly effective and impactful uses of these spaces and can be easily configured to accommodate for divisible walls and moveable furniture.

Bell & PA

Our true IP Bell & PA system consolidates multiple infrastructure systems such as bells, PA/intercom, and security camera feeds into a user-friendly, mobile-capable interface, running over a single network with an easy-to-recognize birds-eye campus floor plan. Easily integrate standard MP3 bell tones and synchronized bells and clocks, and easily provide critical audible and visual emergency notification.

Campus Administration

HARMAN’s AV technologies transform conference rooms into state-of-the-art collaboration environments, enabling staff, instructors, and students to feel comfortable operating the technologies, which improves the quality of the information being shared.


Professional Audio Design Assistance

HARMAN’s legendary portfolio of audio brands and the expertise of its professional HARMAN audio designers allows us to equip and future proof both new and existing schools with the best possible AV technologies for years to come.