With over 10 years of leadership in networked AV and over 30 years in video distribution, AMX has the widest range of Networked AV products in the industry. NETGEAR’s AV Line Series Switches combine years of networking expertise with best practices from leading experts in the professional AV market. AMX and NETGEAR worked together to develop NETGEAR’S M4250 Series Switch Profile which ensures that a system that pairs AMX or other networked AV components and M4250 Series Switches will work flawlessly without the need for any complicated setup.

AMX also performed thorough testing of interoperability between AMX Networked AV products and NETGEAR M4300 and M4500 Series Switches to ensure that even the most sophisticated, campus-wide applications are simple to configure and provide the ultimate in reliability.

AMX and NETGEAR are working closely to ensure that our products work together seamlessly, and we are developing advanced technologies for AVoIP solutions to benefit integrators and end users, now and into the future.

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