AMG National Trust Bank

The Challenge:

In a building inspired by France’s “Palace of the Rhine”, a large conference center would occupy the third floor beneath a unique massive domed roof. Incorporating a sophisticated AV Technology infrastructure within the classic architectural design would require an artful balance between form and function.

The Solution:

An AMX Enova DGX system provides the bulk of the AV signal management and the ability to switch content throughout the facility. The Boardroom is equipped with an Enzo Presentation System for Wireless Presentation Connectivity. This system can also be utilized in the dome presentation area when needed. Two executive conference rooms are outfitted with Solecis Digital Switchers to for AV switching while HydraPort connection systems provide device connectivity and power for AMG staff as well as community groups and other visitors who use the space. A control room area houses the DGX switcher, audio servers, satellite receivers, networking gear and a 20-inch Modero X Series Touch Panel used by AV Technicians to control AV system components during fast-paced complex presentations.  

The Impact:

The Dome has emerged as an outstanding realization of a classic architectural building with an innovative futuristic technology design.