Bunurong Memorial Park, Australia

The Opportunity

Created in 1996 by the Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust, Bunurong Memorial Park offers unique settings for a variety of celebratory and commemorative events. Nestled beneath a protective tree canopy, a series of intimate indoor spaces and sensory-rich gardens provides an inspirational environment for funerals, visitations, memorial services and more. At the heart of the 247-acre site is a shining example of modern architecture, housing two visitation rooms, three chapels, five multi-function rooms, offices for funeral directors, a café and a florist shop. In order to create a state-of-the-art space for funerals, visitations and memorial services, Bunurong officials needed to distribute AV content seamlessly throughout the memorial complex.

The Solution

Bunurong officials hired B&H Australia to outfit the building with a comprehensive, easy-to-use AV and building control solution. B&H Australia chose a suite of world-class AMX media switchers and controllers for their reliable operation and intuitive control.

In order to provide seamless distribution of AV content throughout Bunurong Memorial Park, B&H Australia selected AMX Enova DGX 100 Series media switchers to serve as the backbone of the AV platform. Enova DGX1600 and DGX3200 switchers manage and distribute AV signals in a wide range of analog and digital formats, including HDMI/HDCP, control and Ethernet for hassle-free plug-and-play operation. B&H equipped the reflection rooms with AMX Modero touch panels to provide each room with intuitive local control over source selection and room bookings. In addition to facilitating control over all AV equipment such as projectors and Blu-ray players, an NX-3200 NetLinx NX Integrated Controller also enables control over various aspects of the building’s technology, including the lighting and HVAC systems. To further simplify monitoring and control of the sophisticated AMX system, B&H Australia included AMX’s Resource Management Suite to offer remote management of all AV assets and building systems.

The Impact

“Bunurong Memorial Park is a uniquely Australian sanctuary which aims to provide an unforgettable setting for guests to honor and celebrate the lives of their loved ones,” said a spokesperson from Bunurong Memorial Park. “To achieve this, we needed to outfit our multi-purpose reflection spaces with modern technologies to ensure the ideal environment for families to gather in remembrance. Thanks to the top-notch designs of AMX solutions, we are pleased to offer world-class AV experiences to support these life-changing events.”

“Bunurong Memorial Park asked us to help them create a contemporary, state-of-the-art reflection center for their visitors,” said a spokesperson from B&H Australia. “We chose AMX AV and control solutions because it’s the most reliable and scalable control platform on the market. AMX solutions solve the issue of navigating and managing complex technologies with flexible and scalable systems that are easy to use.”