Confederation of Danish Industry

The Challenge:

The Confederation of Danish Industry enjoys a prominent location in Copenhagen at Rådhuspladsen, where outdoor advertising has had an integral presence for over 100 years. In evaluating options to renew the building and reflect the modern face of industry in Denmark, a dynamic media façade was a logical next step for this important national building. Consistent with the Confederation of Danish Industry’s desire to reflect a priority of dynamism and change, the ambitious lighting project would represent a new way of communicating through the language of light.

The Solution:

After testing several solutions, Martin VC-Strip LED lighting was selected because of its ability to be easily incorporated into the structure and space. It also offered great flexibility to do more than other solutions—images, atmospheres, and other new possibilities. The façade incorporates 4,000 meters of a customized outdoor solution installed in a harlequin pattern to enable a variety of graphical designs. Its 90,000 LED lights can be individually controlled for color, brightness, and intensity.

The Impact:

“This is perhaps the most ambitious media façade integration in Scandinavia and signals a change in the architectural landscape.” — Lars Bendrup, Transform (Architects)"