Ernst & Young - Mexico City

The Opportunity:

Global companies like Ernst & Young attract executives from all over the world. Both in-person and virtual meetings, therefore, must perform without a hitch. Ernst & Young needed to make it easy for its worldwide users to plug into the AV system to share their videos and financial information in high-definition formats while keeping the conference room table tidy and ready for the next meeting. Accomplishing this across two meeting rooms, with 21 connectivity ports all with HDMI, Ethernet, and AC power was no easy task.

The Executive Board Room at Ernst & Young’s Mexico City headquarters is used frequently by guests from around the globe, and the company wanted to eliminate technology problem delays that affected room utilization. The solution needed to improve functionality, but also be aesthetically attractive to reflect positively on the Ernst & Young brand and its important international clients.

The Solution:

Systems integrator Automatización y Desarrollo de Software provided Ernst & Young with an integrated AMX video distribution and automation system. With the new solution, the company is able to have a meeting simultaneously in both the conference room and the videoconferencing room, because presenters are able to share audio and video from their computers, as well as the microphone system.

To improve technology management in this room, ten AMX HydraPort modular connection systems were installed along each side of the conference table, with an additional unit installed at the end of the table where the CEO presides over meetings. Because there is a HydraPort at each seat, users throughout the room have access to HDMI and Ethernet inputs as well as an AC power outlet.

Behind the scene, an Enova DGX Digital Media switcher provides seamless switching of source content from each station to the wall display. The building’s conferencing and AV distribution solution is anchored on a single, simple to use interface – staffers can walk up to any room and easily launch a conference or access content using an AMX Modero X Touch Panel.

The Impact:

The new system has greatly increased the efficiency and utilization of one of Ernst & Young’s most important meeting spaces. After pilot projects at two rooms, the solution has become the preferred standard for additional rooms in need of technology upgrades at the facility. The success of this project will have a positive impact on the success of this organization for years to come.