Genji Steakhouse, Michigan

The Challenge:

Genji wanted to transform the customer’s experience each time he or she visits the restaurant. It was essential that it be simple for employees to control everything from the video wall to the art screens that divide the room as needed. The typical eletronic clutter usually located behind the bar would be eliminated with this installation.

The Solution:

When it comes to sophisticated but intuitive control, even finedining restaurants rely on AMX. While Genji Steakhouse in Novi, Michigan, may appear to be simply a Japanese sushi bar and modern teppanyaki, it is also a tech marvel in the restaurant industry with its use of both lighting control systems and shades. In fact, through the use of technology manipulating custom printed shades, lighting, and LED effects, Genji is able to change its personality with preset moods, shifting from private business lunch atmosphere to evening hotspot, with the touch of a finger.

The Impact:

While Genji is a great place to grab a drink, go for sushi, or order up hibachi, it’s more than that; it’s a shape-shifting work of art that harnesses the latest in control technology to create an engaging and versatile environment.