Juniper Network, California

The Challenge:

Juniper was engaged in a more traditional design for its project but decided to reevaluate in order to maximize the conferencing experience and rein in the budget, says Joey D’Angelo, Vice President, Charles M. Salter Associates, San Francisco. “We quickly recognized that a standard AV integration design wasn’t what Juniper wanted.”

The Solution:

Before Juniper Networks unveiled plans for its brand new Sunnyvale CA campus, furnished with 300-plus conference rooms, no one had envisioned, much less attempted, such a tremendous deployment of AV-over-IP multicast on a network. SVSI, an established industry leader and pioneer in IP-based AV distribution and switching solutions, was integral in ensuring the success of this ambitious project. Every device on the Juniper campus, every projector, display, projection screen, CODEC, and echo canceller has a network connection.

The Impact:

Now completed, Juniper’s AV matrix, the largest in the world, moves the AV industry one-hundred percent onto the network, underscoring a seismic shift in networking implementation. Juniper’s goal was to use the network to handle all video inputs and switching for their new headquarters. Their design includes a number of miniconference rooms providing immersive teleconferencing from one space to another.

“We had bold aspirations for the new headquarters, and the matrix was a novel design. We took a sensible risk and I’m delighted. This is the way of IT today.” – Gary Clark, IT CTO & VP Technology Services