Las Vegas Race and Sports Book Casino

The Challenge:

Remo Minor, Manager of Sound and Video Communications at a prominent Las Vegas casino, was in search of a solution to replace an older, maxed out, and problematic system in the resort’ s Sports Book. The popular venue features 100 individual horse racing carrels and additional seating in its adjacent Sports and VIP Lounges, bar area, and Zoozacrackers Deli.

“We wanted to go to HD and add more TVs in the future, and to be able to extend our feed into other areas of the hotel property,” he says. “I wanted a solution that would help us grow in a financially feasible way.”

The Solution:

That solution arrived as a conversion project from an analog system to an SVSi high definition digital matrix router. The system has some 66 inputs and 131 outputs. Twenty-four of the inputs are for traditional TV sources from satellite and cable boxes. The remainders are for horse race track feeds. All TVs can display feeds from either sports or horse racing. There are 64 total TV screens in the race and sports area, with ten in the Deli. The additional outputs are used for preview monitors in the control room, 34 feeds to the horse racing carrels, and six additional feeds to the poker room.

“Remo had been eyeing SVSi’s technology and also had looked at some traditional AV matrix systems,” says Bart Wood, Director of Sales, Strategic Accounts, SVSi. “He realized that because of the size the matrix, the SVSi system would achieve all of his goals at an affordable cost.”

The Impact:

“The matrix is large, and with 131 outputs a traditional matrix would have required a large investment in both money and valuable real estate in the rack room. SVSi uses traditional network switches as the matrix chassis. A network switch is arguably the most efficient and reliable matrix system ever built, not to mention it is standards-based and non-proprietary with 48 ports in a single rack space.”

“I felt that this was a small gamble for us but I liked SVSi’s documentation and professionalism. I can see this as the future standard for any distributed video here and I will spec SVSi for all casino TV feeds as we remodel and expand.” – Remo Minor, Manager of Sound and Video Communications