South Point Casino, Las Vegas

The Opportunity

South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa is a 24-story hospitality complex in Las Vegas boasting over 2,100 guest rooms, an expansive casino, a 4,400-seat equestrian arena, a spacious exhibit hall, a boutique spa and more. In addition to over 2,300 video poker and slot machines, a poker room and bingo hall, South Point’s casino features separate areas for gambling on horse races and sporting events, known as the Race Book and Sports Book respectively. The Race Book and Sports Book areas at the South Point Casino required a flexible, scalable AV solution capable of switching between multiple television and internet broadcasts.

The Solution

In order to provide the ideal experience for these two different types of gambling, South Point Casino hired Nevada AV integrator TMG Systems, Inc. to outfit the casino with a sophisticated AMX by HARMAN networked AV system.

While both rooms share a similar layout with multiple large screens along one wall and rows of personal monitors for each gambler, they each required a different AV configuration catered to the formats of horse racing and traditional sporting events. Often airing multiple games simultaneously, the Sports Book required the ability to switch between multiple television and internet broadcasts on the fly. The Race Book, on the other hand, had its own unique requirements. Binder explains how the AMX SVSI ecosystem helped him design a multi-viewing solution for the Race Book management team.

TMG Systems chose AMX SVSI networked AV equipment to meet their client’s needs with the most flexible, scalable and cost-effective system possible. SVSI encoders and decoders support streaming video resolutions up to 4k at 60fps and comply with the latest HDCP 2.2 content protection protocol, ensuring secure, high-quality media distribution. SVSI control units offer deep and intuitive functionality, making it easy for casino staff to instantly route any video feed to any monitor on the network. SVSI windowing processors allow multiple sources to be freely combined, resized and positioned with ease.

In addition to the power and flexibility offered by SVSI equipment, integrators love the ease of installation it offers. Rick Malone, Senior Design Engineer at TMG Systems, values this seamless setup above all.

The new AV architecture in South Point’s Race Book and Sports Book have been so effective that Binder says it may soon expand to encompass other areas of the casino as well.

The Impact

“Race betters and sports betters are two different kinds of people, and each type of better has specific needs,” says Andrew Binder, AV Director at South Point. “To best serve our customers, we split our book in half with a full sportsbook and racebook to best serve both customer bases.”

“We looked at a couple of different options to get 16 smaller screens embedded into one viewing surface,” says Binder. “With the SVSI system, we were able to put 16 inputs on a single screen, which was big for our Race Book management team. They need to be able to look at all of the tracks’ loading gates, and when the horses are going into the gate at the same time in order to pick which race is being made available to bet on. Having that solution for the multi-viewing was one of the big challenges that through AMX and SVSI we were able to accomplish.”

“My favorite feature of the AMX SVSI solution is the commissioning of the product,” says Malone. “It is very easy to implement. Especially with a large system like this, when you’re talking hundreds of endpoints, encoders and decoders, it can become quite daunting to implement a system like that. SVSI has made it very easy to implement a system of that size.”

“I can see this system growing into other venues,” says Binder. “I’ve already had interest from our poker room manager that he would like to grow this AMX control system and point-to-point routing system in the poker room. Our bars might scale into a controlled scenario as well. I see the availability to grow and expand the system with the ease of just being able to network and go, which is one of the key components to how good the system really is.”