AMX Switchers Leading the Way for Over 30 Years

AMX has led the way in mission-critical switching and window processing for more than three decades. Our products ensure secure, robust, purpose-built switching paths trusted by Fortune 500 corporations, the most discerning government and security agencies and higher education campuses across the globe. Best-in-class capabilities like 4K60 pixel-for-pixel video reproduction, open control API and a simple-to-manage HTML5 web interface are just a few of the many features that continue to make AMX the trusted leader in enterprise AV distribution.

Presentation Switchers

No matter the need or space, AMX has the right presentation switcher to support any application. From the Enova DVX series that combines powerful presentation switching and centralised control to the Incite family that integrates best in class switching, scaling, distance transport, control, signal processing and amplification. AMX presentation switchers deliver presentations crisply and cleanly and are easy to configure and manage.

Perfect for
  • Medium to large conference rooms
  • Training & classrooms
  • Lecture theatres

Enova DVX Presentation Systems

Enova DVX all-in-one presentation switchers are a family of unified audio, video, and control devices that dramatically simplify control and distribution in meeting spaces, classrooms, and lecture halls.

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Incite Digital Presentation Systems

The versatile Incite digital presentation system combines AMX switching, scaling, distance transport, and control; BSS digital signal processing; dbx Advanced Feedback Suppression™; and Crown DriveCore™ amplification - all integrated into a single device.

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Digital Media Switchers

AMX Digital Media Switchers simplify AV control and distribution and are ideal for multi-room or configurable room applications that share a centralised point of control such as network operating centers (NOCs), government, banking, finance, higher education, casinos and more. Enova DGX fiber capabilities enable transport of audio, video and control to longer distances - up to 10 km, making Enova DGX Fiber a perfect solution for tall buildings with multiple floors, large campuses with multiple buildings or large facilities.

Perfect for
  • Command & Control solutions
  • Large & divisible spaces
  • Centrally managed meeting rooms
  • Large-scale video distribution

Enova DGX 100 Series Digital Media Switchers

Enova DGX 100 Series Digital Media Switchers support 4K/UHD content and include NetLinx NX integrated controllers, redundant power supplies and can be populated with video input and output boards and optional audio switching boards.

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Digital Switchers / Matrix Switchers / Windowing Processors

From our VPX line that’s perfect for small to mid-sized conference rooms and classrooms, to our Solecis 4K Digital Switchers and Precis 4K60 HDMI Matrix Switchers Windowing Processors, AMX outperforms the competition again and again. Whether you need a cost-effective switcher for every conference room in your building or a robust windowing processor that all your professors can easily use - our solutions excel in security, reliability, redundancy, configurability and more.

Perfect for
  • Mixed vendor solutions
  • Simple meeting spaces
  • UC solutions that require additional switching and functionality

Solecis 4K Digital Switchers

Solecis are small digital AV switchers, available in 4x1 HDMI or 5x1 multi-format configurations, that are great for simple switching in huddle spaces or small classrooms.

Precis 4K60 HDMI Matrix Switchers

For larger meeting spaces, classrooms and lecture halls, the Precis 4K60 HDMI Matrix Switcher Series delivers beautiful, cost effective matrix switching and is available in 4x2, 6x2, 4x4 and 8x8 configurations.

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Precis 4K60 HDMI Windowing Processors

The PR-WP-412 is ideal for a variety of applications, including corporate campuses, colleges and universities, sports bars, casinos, courtrooms and other government applications as a cost-effective solution to switch or combine 4K60 4:4:4 HDMI sources on a single display.

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VPX 4K60

For small to mid-sized conference rooms and flipped classroom environments, the VPX Series includes simple but powerful scaling presentation switchers that are available in 4x1 and 7x1 configurations.

Collaboration Systems

Designed to inspire productivity and creativity, AMX has collaboration systems to meet any meeting space budget or application. The AMX Connectivity and Transport (CT) Series includes two kits, a Presentation Kit and Conferencing Kit, designed to simplify the process of integrating in-room and visiting technology. Both kits include a transmitter and receiver that combine switching, scaling and distance transport, with the Conferencing Kit also having USB2.0 peripheral switching for dynamic sharing of USB devices.

Perfect for
  • ‘Touch-free’ rooms
  • Huddle spaces and un-managed rooms
  • Small teaching and collaboration spaces

CT Series Connectivity & Transport Kits

Both AMX CT Series Kits integrate a switcher, scaler, and distance transport. The Conferencing Kit targets web conferencing needs while the Presentation Kit addresses simple presentation environments.

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Networked AV Switchers

As the leader in networked AV since 2008, AMX networked AV solutions offer the broadest range of platforms along with exclusive features including PoE+, small form factor, enterprise-grade security, and imperceptible latency. Networked AV is perfect for corporate, education, government or any application that can benefit from extremely cost-effective AV distribution using standard, off-the-shelf IP hardware to securely distribute video in resolutions up to 4K60 4:4:4 over an existing network infrastructure.

Perfect for
  • Command & Control solutions
  • Large & divisible spaces
  • Centrally managed meeting rooms
  • Large-scale video distribution

Networked AV Presentation Switchers

Included networked AV card slots make AMX Networked AV Presentation Switchers perfect for active learning environments and campus overflow support.

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