Extend the Beauty of 4K over the Network

4K provides four times the resolution of 1080p full HD for breathtaking detail and image quality. Our N2400 4K60 4:4:4 and N2300 4K30 4:2:0 encoders and decoders support streaming video resolutions up to 4096x2160 and support HDCP 2.2; all with latency so low it supports extremely sensitive applications like live action events and interactive presentations using a keyboard and mouse.

Amx 4koverip landing 2 800x490 large

Feature-Rich. Enterprise Grade. Secure.

Features like AES67 digital audio support, Power-over-Ethernet, KVM support, the ability to easily adjust bandwidth and resolution to precisely meet the needs of the application, LocalPlay content, a networked-attached windowing processor, networked video recorder, 802.1x authentication, Active Directory support, SSL/TLS encryption, and more makes it clear that our products are designed with the enterprise network in mind.



Designing & Implementing Video over IP

Download the white paper that empowers designers with the right considerations for planning an ultra impactful networked AV installation.

From the Paper: "The biggest variable when it comes to working on the network is not the device. It’s the network. Every network is different, and every IT manager has a unique posture that is reflected in the way their network is designed and the requirements they put in place. As such, not every networked AV device and setting will fit perfectly for every..."

Topics Include:

  • Must be designed for the enterprise network
  • Real truth about latency
  • Leverage the potential of video on the network
  • And much more

SVSI N2400 4K 系列编解码器

  • Amx nmx enc n2412a front high small


     JPEG 2000 4K60 4:4:4 超高清 IP 视频独立编码器,支持 PoE、KVM、AES-67

  • Nmx enc n2412a c front small


     JPEG 2000 4K60 4:4:4 超高清 IP 视频编码器卡,支持 PoE、KVM、AES-67

  • Nmx dec n2422a front small


     JPEG 2000 4K60 4:4:4 超高清 IP 视频独立解码器,支持 PoE、KVM、AES-67


SVSi N2000 4K 系列编解码器

  • Nmx enc n2151 front small


    JPEG 2000 4K 超高清 IP 视频编码器,支持 KVM

  • Nmx dec n2251 front small


    JPEG 2000 4K 超高清 IP 视频解码器,支持 KVM

  • Amx color rgb small


    JPEG 2000 4K UHD Video over IP Decoder with KVM, Card


SVSI N2300 4K 系列编解码器

  • Amx nmx enc n2312 front high small


    N2300 系列 JPEG 2000 4K 超高清 IP 视频独立编码器,支持 KVM,PoE

  • Nmx enc n2312 c front small


    N2300 Series 4K UHD Video over IP Card Encoder with KVM, PoE
  • Nmx enc n2315 wp bl decor front small


    N2300系列 JPEG 2000 4K 超高清网络视频解码器墙面安装版(带KVM,PoE功能)

  • Amx nmx dec n2322 front high small


    N2300 系列 JPEG 2000 4K 超高清 IP 视频独立解码器,支持 KVM,PoE