Huddle Enterprise Plus 解决方案




Huddle Enterprise Plus 解决方案提供了一个全面的交互式协作系统。 Huddle Enterprise Plus 解决方案将 HARMAN 的 AMX Acendo Vibe 条形音箱和 AMX Acendo Core 会议平台与三星的触控式 PMF-BC 系列显示器结合在一起,构成真正的互动空间。


该解决方案通过多个触点和宽视角摄像头提升了传统会议体验,让所有与会者都能实时参与。 因此,主讲人和与会者都不需要为会议带来任何外部设备或材料,使 Huddle Enterprise Plus 成为便捷、丰富的即席协作的最佳解决方案。




  • Touch-Based Interaction – interact directly with content on the screen without the need to use peripherals.
  • No Device Needed – participate in local and remote meetings without bringing anything into the room
  • Wide Support for Web Conferencing Platforms, including One-click Skype for Business – use your existing conferencing platform, with the ability to switch platforms without replacing hardware
  • Wireless Sharing – Use AirPlay or Google Cast to easily share content from mobile devices or a PC.
  • Built-in Document Viewers – Users can present content without bringing any devices to the room. Users simply walk into the room, start a session, navigate to their document (USB drive, network drive, or the web), and start their presentation..
  • Superior UHD Picture Quality and Sound by JBL – premium audio and video experience
  • Wide-angle camera (100° FoV) – The wide-angle camera means that everyone in the room can be seen, including those people sitting close to the display



Samsung PMF-BC Series
分辨率 HD
摄像头 AMX Acendo Vibe
Microphone AMX Acendo Vibe
Far-Field Microphone Yes
Echo Cancellation & Ambient Noise Reduction Yes
Speakers, microphones, and DSP algorithms by JBL Yes, included in the AMX Acendo Vibe
Collaboration Platform including Wireless Sharing, Built-in Document Viewers, Web Browsing and more AMX Acendo Core
Touch Interface Yes, included with the Samsung PMF-BC display

Huddle Enterprise Plus 解决方案