Huddle Enterprise 解决方案


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作为面向客户的协作的高级选项,Huddle Enterprise 解决方案简化了中型拥挤空间内的准备和执行工作。


Huddle Enterprise 解决方案通过整合 HARMAN 的 AMX Acendo Core 商务沟通平台,构建 Huddle Premium 解决方案,使用户能够在会议空间内预订房间。 一旦会议开始后,Acendo Core 平台便可促成文档交换、多屏共享和一键式 Skype for Business 交互,使所有与会者能够共享会议内容并参与其中。 通过将所有需要的设备集中到一个解决方案中,Huddle Enterprise 使用户参加本地和远程会议时,无需将任何设备带入房间。




  • No Device Needed – participate in local and remote meetings without bringing anything into the room
  • Wide Support for Web Conferencing Platforms, including One-click Skype for Business – use your existing conferencing platform, with the ability to switch platforms without replacing hardware
  • Wireless Sharing – Use AirPlay or Google Cast to easily share content from mobile devices or a PC.
  • Built-in Document Viewers – Users can present content without bringing any devices to the room. Users simply walk into the room, start a session, navigate to their document (USB drive, network drive, or the web), and start their presentation.
  • Superior UHD Picture Quality and Sound by JBL – premium audio and video experience for BYOD-ready huddle rooms
  • Wide-angle camera (100° FoV) – The wide-angle camera means that everyone in the room can be seen, including those people sitting close to the display



Samsung QM Series
分辨率 UHD
摄像头 AMX Acendo Vibe
Microphone AMX Acendo Vibe
Far-Field Microphone Yes
Echo Cancellation & Ambient Noise Reduction Yes
Speakers, microphones, and DSP algorithms by JBL Yes, included in the AMX Acendo Vibe
Collaboration Platform including Wireless Sharing, Built-in Document Viewers, Web Browsing and more AMX Acendo Core

Huddle Enterprise 解决方案