N2315 Video Encoder Firmware v1.00.11

Last Updated: 9月28日

Product Name: N2315 Video Encoder

Version: 01.00.11
Release Date: 06/05/2018

1. Prerequisites

- None

2. Revision History
Version 01.00.11
• Improve KVM connection recovery on reboot.
• Change audio stream ttl to default to 64
• Implement KVM retry
• Add optional encoder reboot on audio input failure

Version 01.00.05
• Fix issue with uploading odd host/local play image sizes
• Fix issue with debug log startup
• Fix issue with KVM reconnecting on encoder restart
• Improved button feedback on webpages
• Fixed issue with streaming to N1000/N2000 decoders
• Improved audio dropout issue when streaming to an N4321
• Fixed audio multicast address calculation
• Don't issue NAct plug events on bootup

Version 01.00.03
• Fix multicast addressing for non-address interleaved mode
• Quicker detection of VGA video
• Fix issue with odd hostplay image sizes
• Provide HDCP state on the web page
• Fix audio stream incompatibility with other NSeries products
• Improve KVM restart on powerup
• Add more user indications for button presses on the web page
• Fix issue with HDMI input not playing on certain sources

Version 01.00.02
• Note: not compatible with 00.xx.xx N23xx releases
• Improved switch performance

Version 00.04.08
• Add 1920x1200 to EDID (requires reload default EDID)
• Latest netlinx support and add netlinx version to the webpage

Version 00.04.06
• Fix audio 7.1 issue
• Fix issue with audio channel count change crashing encoder.
• Fix issue with log overflowing on debug start
• Add support for DNS

3. Known Issues