NX Series (X200) NX/MCP/DVX/DGX Master Firmware v1.6.160

Last Updated: 5月16日



When upgrading from 1.3.106 or earlier, you must first upgrade to 1.4.90.

Programming Information

Use of these new Authentication keywords requires Netlinx.axi v1.62.
The NetLinx language supports the following new Authentication keywords:
For details on the new keywords, please see the NetLinx Language Reference Guide.

Changes in this release

- This release adds support for 4K/60 HDMI Input/Output boards in
  Enova DGX 100 Series Platform:  FG1061-542,. DGX-I-HDMI-4K60 and
  FG1061-552, DGX-O-HDMI-4K60.
- The IPv6 address of an AMX Master is now consistently reported from NetLinx Studio,
  telnet and the web.
- On the MCP-106 and MCP-108, the last known good date and time are now restored from a
  local file on power cycles.
- Excessive memory usage using IP_CLIENT_OPEN(…) from NetLinx is now fixed.
- Enable password changes for users who’s type is Device.
- Fix inconsistencies found on the display of the IPv6 address on the front panel display
  of the NX-4200.
- Panel logs reported to the master contained extra characters. Now fixed.
- Allow FTP access when remote LDAP is enabled.
- The default NTP servers have been changed. After updating
  to this release, from the Telnet CLI, run the "reset ntp"
  command and then reboot the master.
- Removed unauthorized file access when using "list" and
  "show audit".
- Prevent reboot of master when TLS_CLIENT_OPEN is issued
  to non-connected TLS socket.
- Removed superuser requirement for "clean disk" and reinstated "clean doc" alias
- Fixed FILE_OPEN issue where file would fail to open if it did not already
  exist even though FILE_RW_NEW was specified.
- Fixed relative path navigation.
- Added removal of HTTPS keystore and 802.1x certificates
  when using "reset factory".
- Fixed inconsistency in firmware versions reported by
  "manage firmware" and "report firmware".
- Fixed high password complexity.

Known Issues

- The following RMS SDKs are not compatible with 1.5.68 and higher:
  RMS SDK 4.0-4.3.26, RMS SDK 4.4.* and RMS SDK 4.5.*    


Previous Versions


  • DVX-2210HD

     配备 NX 控制功能(多格式、HDMI 输入)的 4x2 一体式演示切换器

  • NX-3200

     NetLinx NX 集成控制器

  • NX-2200

     NetLinx NX 集成控制器

  • NX-1200

    NetLinx NX 集成控制器

  • MCP-108

     带旋钮的 Massio™ 8 按键控制板(美英欧洲)

  • MCP-106

    Massio™ 6 按键控制板(美英欧洲)

  • DGX800-ENC

    Enova® DGX 800 音箱

  • DGX6400-ENC

     Enova® DGX 6400 机箱

  • DGX3200-ENC

     Enova® DGX 3200 机箱

  • DGX1600-ENC

     Enova® DGX 1600 机箱

  • DVX-3256HD

     配备 NX 控制功能(多格式、HDMI、4 DXLink™ 输入)的 10x4 一体式演示切换器

  • DVX-3255HD

     配备 NX 控制功能(多格式、HDMI、DXLink™ 输入)的 10x4 一体式演示切换器

  • DVX-3250HD

    配备 NX 控制功能(多格式、HDMI 输入)的 10x4 一体式演示切换器

  • DVX-2255HD

     配备 NX 控制功能(多格式、HDMI、DXLink™ 输入)的 6x3 一体式演示切换器

  • DVX-2250HD

     配备 NX 控制功能(多格式、HDMI 输入)的 6x3 一体式演示切换器

  • NX-4200

     NetLinx NX 集成控制器

Previous Versions