RMS Enterprise Scheduling Interface for Google Calendar v1.0.12

Last Updated: 7月11日

-- Java 9.0.4 
-- RMS Enterprise Server 4.6.13 
-- Google Apps account 
-- If installing the RMS Enterprise Scheduling Interface for Google on a 
Windows Server, it is a requirement to also install the Windows Feature 
called Desktop Experience in order for the RMS Scheduling Configuration 
Tool to work properly. 

Changes in this release 
-- Support for Java 9 

Known Issues 
-- Altering the attendees on an individual occurrence of a recurring meeting 
changes the attendees on all occurrences in RMS. This is due to a 
limitation on the RMS Server that does not support unique attendee lists 
at the Booking level. In RMS, attendees are tied to the Event which 
represents the recurring meeting (i.e. the entire series). 





    Google Calendar 的 RMS 企业版调度接口