TPDesign5 v1.4.100

Last Updated: 7月18日

Software Release Version: 1.4.100
Release Date: 12/18/2017

G5 Support Files v1.4.44 

Changes in this release

  Implemented HTTPS protocol option for dynamic images/data sources
  Implemented Live-File functionality for dynamic data sources
  Listview data mappings: Implemented selection lists for mappings
  G4 to G5 Conversion: Implemented conversion log user-interface
  Implemented synchronization of existing project fonts with current system fonts ()
  Restored the G4 Modal property for standard popups
  State bitmaps: Implemented scaling while maintaining original image aspect-ratio
  Implemented password-protection property for buttons (formerly restricted to page-flips actions)
  New .MSI-based application install
  Enabled text effects with outline - requires G5 Support Files v1.4.40 or greater (included) 
  Implemented encrypted ICSP support - requires master firmware v1.5.68 or greater
  Implemented panel font synchronization feature - resolves font filename mismatch issue (see RFI #s 27999,25857)

Known Issues
        HTTPS is implemented for both dynamic images and data sources (listviews).
        Get Live File function will utilize the protocol selected for the resource.
        In the case Get Live File encounters an invalid certificate exception: 

            Get Live File will retrieve the resource regardless. 
            A warning message will be displayed to the user.
            A warning icon will be associated with the resource in the Resource Manager listing.

Programming Information


Previous Versions


  • Mxd 1001 l front thumb


    10.1" Modero X® 系列 G5 壁挂触控面板

  • Mxt 701 front left angle thumb


    7" Modero X® 系列 G5 桌面触控面板

  • Mxt 2001 pan thumb


    20.3" Modero X® 系列 G5 全景式桌面触控面板

  • Mxt 1901 pan front thumb


    19.4" Modero X® 系列 G5 全景式桌面触控面板

  • Mxt 1001 front left angle thumb


    10.1" Modero X® 系列 G5 桌面触控面板

  • Mxr 1001 retractable black open thumb


     10.1" Modero X® 系列 G5 可伸缩触控面板

  • Mxd 701 l front thumb


     7" Modero X® 系列 G5 壁挂触控面板

  • Mxd 2001 pan thumb


    20.3" Modero X® 系列全景式壁挂触控面板

  • Mxd 1901 pan l front thumb


    19.4" Modero X® 系列 G5 全景式壁挂/嵌入式触控面板

  • Amx color rgb thumb


    Touch Panel Design/Programming for Modero X G5 Touch Panels

Previous Versions