N1000 Series Update Bring Ultra-Low Latency AV over IP to AMX SVSI

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"As part of their AV for an IT World mission, AMX is committed to providing industry-leading AV solutions using standard IT infrastructure. In an update to their homerun N1000-series line, the new SVSI encoder and decoder models feature improved digital pixel reproduction and cut the already small latency in half. The new Encoders and Decoders maintain high definition video quality for distribution drops while dropping latency to an industry leading 10-ms for gigabit links. Packetized video streams not only remain visually lossless throughout distribution, they also arrive instantly. The ability to send IP Media for distribution using common managed network switches in any size and configuration makes SVSI solutions extremely flexible and easy to deploy. For more information, visit http://www.amx.com/includes/pressrelease-file.asp?release=2015.6.17.h