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RMS Enterprise Server, 1000 Location Licenses, and 3 Year Maintenance
Part #FG3004-K

Did you know that RMS Enterprise can calculate your monthly room electrical energy costs and electrical carbon footprint?

Learn important installation, configuration and programming techniques in the following course(s) from AMX University:

  • Getting Started with RMS Enterprise
  • RMS Installation
  • RMS Administration
  • RMS Programming

For schedules and registration for these and any AMX University courses, visit www.amx.com/training.

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AMX-PI2 Product Information

RMS-ENT / RMS Enterprise is scalable client/server based software for IT and AV managers that provides remote management capabilities for AV assets and building systems. The software features a user-friendly dashboard that makes it easy to centralize the management and monitoring of AV equipment, lights, HVAC and other building functions. This allows users to solve technology issues before they become problems, such as identifying displays before a bulb burns out or receiving immediate notification when a device goes offline.

With RMS, IT and AV managers can improve their response times, while end users can reduce the amount of time lost while waiting for meeting room equipment to function. With the new RMS Enterprise Update Manager, IT and AV Managers now have the ability to stage new AMX firmware, quickly identify AMX devices that are not up to the latest firmware revision, and mass deploy the new firmware to these devices simultaneously with just a few clicks of the mouse. RMS is also a green solution that saves money and the environment by reducing energy consumption by remotely turning off equipment when rooms are empty or at the end of the work day.

RMS has the full range of features IT professionals would expect for enterprise software, including support for active directory, existing SQL databases, and scalability across multiple servers. You can manage all of your buildings with a single RMS license, deployable from the cloud or on-premises. See RMS Enterprise Hosted Cloud Service for details on the cloud version.

RMS includes a long list of standard and customizable reports, and gives you the ability to tailor your experience with a fully-configurable dashboard with easy-to-use widgets. RMS Enterprise also features the RMS Enterprise Scheduling Interface, which improves the efficiency of meeting spaces and technology by allowing users and support personnel to schedule meeting spaces and preconfigure room technology for upcoming meetings.


  • RMS is a robust solution for corporate or government IT and AV managers to centralize the monitoring and management of AV devices and building systems across their facilities worldwide
  • RMS is popular among support staff at higher education institutions for managing classroom AV technology
  • RMS is ideal for organizations deploying conference room and classroom scheduling throughout their facilities


  • Monitor and Maintain – Minimize help desk calls and simplify troubleshooting by centrally managing AV systems just like IT systems
  • Reports and Dashboards – RMS includes the industry’s most versatile set of configurable reports and dashboards, allowing organizations to customize the performance metrics they want to view, when they want to view them
  • Enterprise Grade Software – RMS Enterprise provides large scale management for users, roles, and, tracking user activities including an audit trail of who performed each activity and when it was completed. The server software supports authentication, encryption and protection from cross-site scripting to prevent security threats
  • Schedule Conference Rooms & Classrooms – Improve productivity by enabling users to check availability and schedule rooms directly from their desks, or from touch panels mounted outside of the rooms. RMS Enterprise Scheduling supports the major third-party Scheduling systems like Outlook, Google Calendar and Lotus Notes, and includes an API that gives flexibility to add tailored support for any scheduling application whether 3rd party or developed by the customer
  • View Daily Schedule From Mobile Devices – Utilize RMS QRS Quick Response Scheduling to display a room schedule on a mobile device, providing an effective low cost method for managing room scheduling and increasing productivity
  • Simultaneously Deploy Firmware Files Over The Network – Save time and cost while eliminating the need for technicians to make on-site visits
  • Maintain Version Information & Update History For All AMX Devices – Simplifies record keeping and ensures optimal performance of AMX devices
  • Reduce Energy Costs by automatically returning equipment to its lowest energy usage state upon the meeting's end, or by remotely shutting down equipment at the end of the day
  • Rapid Project Maker Native Support – In RPM, the commissioning of an AMX system that includes RMS is simple as a check box and typing an RMS URL



  • Processor: Dual core Intel Xeon processor @ 2.67GHz (or equivalent)
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Display: 1280 x 1024 resolution
  • Hard Disk: 1 GB available space for RMS Enterprise application files.


  • Microsoft Windows 2012 Server:
    • Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Windows 2008 Server R2 (x64):
    • Web Edition
    • Standard Edition
    • Enterprise Edition
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 SP2 (x86 and x64):
    • Web Edition
    • Standard Edition
    • Enterprise Edition

RMS Enterprise can also be hosted on a virtual server with either of the following virtualization systems:

  • VMware ESXi (4.x or greater)
  • Hyper-V


  • Java: Java 7 Runtime Environment (SUN JRE 7.0) required.
  • Tomcat: Tomcat v7 required.

Note: The following applications are not required on the server, but would be needed in order to view the RMS UI and help files directly on the server.

  • Web Browser (see "Supported Web Browsers" below)
  • Adobe Flash v10
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader


  • Chinese (Simplified, PRC)
  • German Portuguese (Portugal)
  • Chinese (Classic, HK)
  • Greek
  • Russian
  • English
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Flemish (Dutch)
  • Japanese
  • Turkish
  • French



  • Internet Explorer v10, v11
  • Mozilla Firefox v27
  • Google Chrome v33


  • Safari v5, v7
  • Mozilla Firefox v27
  • Google Chrome v33


  • (x32/x64, Enterprise/Standard/Express)
  • The "Express Editions" are suitable for systems with less than 50 rooms only (download available free from Microsoft)

Verified SQL Server Service Packs

  • SQL Server 2012 RTM, SP1
  • SQL Server 2008 R2 RTM, SP2
  • SQL Server 2008 RTM, SP3

Note: Specifications are subject to change. The most current and complete specifications for this product can always be found at AMX.com: AV for an IT World.

In this example, an RMS User can log into the RMS Server remotely and manage or monitor rooms in multiple building across a campus or globally.

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Learn important installation, configuration and programming techniques in the following course(s) from AMX University:

  • Getting Started with RMS Enterprise
  • RMS Installation
  • RMS Administration
  • RMS Programming

For schedules and registration for these and any AMX University courses, visit www.amx.com/training.

RMS-ENT-SCH RMS Enterprise Scheduling License (FG3004-02)
RMS-SCH-EWS RMS Enterprise Interface for Microsoft Exchange Web Services (EWS) (FG3004-31)
RMS-SCH-LN RMS Enterprise Interface for Lotus Notes Domino (FG3004-32)
RMS-ENT-QR RMS QRS Quick Response Scheduling (FG3004-51)
ANT-RDR Anterus Reade (Discontinued) (FG5172)
ANT-TAG Anterus Tag (Discontinued) (FG5172-01)
ANT-BDG (Discontinued) Anterus Badge (FG5172-02)
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