RMS Enterprise Scheduling License

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>RMS-ENT-SCH / RMS Enterprise Scheduler is a comprehensive room scheduling module for AMX’s RMS Enterprise software. RMS-ENT-SCH eliminates two major barriers to meeting effectiveness: It assists meeting attendees in locating rooms by displaying the scheduled appointments on a touch screen outside the meeting room, and eliminates delays in meeting start times by allowing room AV systems to be pre-set for the start and end of meetings, eliminating the time meeting organizers frequently waste on equipment setup.

RMS-ENT-SCH interfaces with the most popular Enterprise calendaring applications (Microsoft Outlook / Exchange, Lotus Notes and Google Calendar) to enable employees to search for and book meeting rooms from their PCs. RMS-ENT-SCH also includes an API for interfacing with less common and/or in-house developed calendaring applications.

Common Applications

  • RMS-ENT-SCH is designed for organizations of any size who wish to enable employees to search for available meeting spaces and book them via their desktop scheduling application
  • RMS-ENT-SCH is perfect for existing users of RMS Enterprise who wish to expand their monitoring capabilities to include scheduling
  • RMS-ENT-SCH, in combination with Modero S Series Wall Mount Touch Panels, forms the industry’s most attractive scheduling solution for organizations of all sizes


  Version Language Size Uploaded
RMS Client/SDK
version 4.7.0, updated: May 07, 2020
4.7.0     33.9 MB May 07, 2020
RMS Enterprise Interface for Lotus Notes Domino
version 4.1.5, updated: Mar 14, 2018
4.1.5     3.27 MB Mar 14, 2018
RMS Enterprise Scheduling Interface
version 4.1.22, updated: Mar 14, 2018
4.1.22     1.36 MB Mar 14, 2018
RMS Enterprise Software Development Kit – NX Series
version 4.6.7, updated: Mar 14, 2018
4.6.7     32.2 MB Mar 14, 2018
Resource Management Suite Enterprise
version 4.8.1, updated: Mar 12, 2021
4.8.1     289 MB Mar 12, 2021
Administrators Guides
    21.9 MB May 07, 2020
Install Guides
    4.67 MB Oct 30, 2020
Programming Guides
    2.68 MB Mar 27, 2018
    2.66 MB Mar 27, 2018
User Guides
    1.47 MB Mar 27, 2018
    682 KB Mar 27, 2018
Quick Reference Guides
    303 KB Mar 27, 2018
Application Guides
AMX Scheduling Application Guide
updated: Oct 22, 2020
    328 KB Oct 22, 2020
    2.9 MB Oct 23, 2020

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  • Calendaring & Scheduling – Schedule room facilities from any touch panel or PC
  • Pre-Configuration of Assets – Ensure that conference room technology is set up and ready when a meeting starts
  • Appointment Information – Displays room schedule along with appointment details to assist and inform meeting attendees
  • Integration with Common Platforms – RMS Enterprise supports a wide variety of external scheduling applications
  • RMS Scheduling API to Integrate Calendaring Applications – Gives flexibility to add tailored support for any scheduling application whether 3rd party or developed by the customer


FG Numbers FG3004-02

    RMS Enterprise Interface for Microsoft Exchange Web Services (EWS)

    RMS Enterprise Interface for Lotus Notes® Domino