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>RMS-ENT-SCH / RMS Enterprise Scheduler is a comprehensive room scheduling module for AMX’s RMS Enterprise software. RMS-ENT-SCH eliminates two major barriers to meeting effectiveness: It assists meeting attendees in locating rooms by displaying the scheduled appointments on a touch screen outside the meeting room, and eliminates delays in meeting start times by allowing room AV systems to be pre-set for the start and end of meetings, eliminating the time meeting organizers frequently waste on equipment setup.

RMS-ENT-SCH interfaces with the most popular Enterprise calendaring applications (Microsoft Outlook / Exchange, Lotus Notes and Google Calendar) to enable employees to search for and book meeting rooms from their PCs. RMS-ENT-SCH also includes an API for interfacing with less common and/or in-house developed calendaring applications.

Common Applications

  • RMS-ENT-SCH is designed for organizations of any size who wish to enable employees to search for available meeting spaces and book them via their desktop scheduling application
  • RMS-ENT-SCH is perfect for existing users of RMS Enterprise who wish to expand their monitoring capabilities to include scheduling
  • RMS-ENT-SCH, in combination with Modero S Series Wall Mount Touch Panels, forms the industry’s most attractive scheduling solution for organizations of all sizes


  Version Language Size Uploaded
RMS Client/SDK
version 4.7.0, updated: May 07, 2020
4.7.0     33.9 MB May 07, 2020
RMS Enterprise Interface for Lotus Notes Domino
version 4.1.5, updated: Mar 14, 2018
4.1.5     3.27 MB Mar 14, 2018
RMS Enterprise Scheduling Interface
version 4.1.22, updated: Mar 14, 2018
4.1.22     1.36 MB Mar 14, 2018
RMS Enterprise Software Development Kit – NX Series
version 4.6.7, updated: Mar 14, 2018
4.6.7     32.2 MB Mar 14, 2018
Resource Management Suite Enterprise
version 4.8.1, updated: Mar 12, 2021
4.8.1     289 MB Mar 12, 2021
Administrators Guides
System Administrator's Manual - RMS Enterprise Resource Management Suite
updated: May 07, 2020
    21.9 MB May 07, 2020
Install Guides
Installation Manual - RMS Enterprise Resource Management Suite
updated: Oct 30, 2020
    4.67 MB Oct 30, 2020
Programming Guides
NetLinx Programmers Guide - RMS Enterprise (SDK v4.3)
updated: Mar 27, 2018
    2.68 MB Mar 27, 2018
NX Series NetLinx Programmers Guide - RMS Enterprise (SDK v4.6)
updated: Mar 27, 2018
    2.66 MB Mar 27, 2018
User Guides
User Guide - G5 Touch Panel User Interface - RMS Enterprise
updated: Mar 27, 2018
    1.47 MB Mar 27, 2018
User Guide - G4 Touch Panel User Interface - RMS Enterprise
updated: Mar 27, 2018
    682 KB Mar 27, 2018
Quick Reference Guides
Reference Guide - RMS-ENT Scheduling API
updated: Mar 27, 2018
    303 KB Mar 27, 2018
Application Guides
AMX Scheduling Application Guide
updated: Oct 22, 2020
    328 KB Oct 22, 2020
RMS Enterprise Network & Scalability White Paper
updated: Oct 23, 2020
    2.9 MB Oct 23, 2020

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  • Calendaring & Scheduling – Schedule room facilities from any touch panel or PC
  • Pre-Configuration of Assets – Ensure that conference room technology is set up and ready when a meeting starts
  • Appointment Information – Displays room schedule along with appointment details to assist and inform meeting attendees
  • Integration with Common Platforms – RMS Enterprise supports a wide variety of external scheduling applications
  • RMS Scheduling API to Integrate Calendaring Applications – Gives flexibility to add tailored support for any scheduling application whether 3rd party or developed by the customer


FG Numbers FG3004-02

    RMS Enterprise Interface for Microsoft Exchange Web Services (EWS)

    RMS Enterprise Interface for Lotus Notes® Domino