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NetLinx Studio Version 4 is packed full of enhancements designed to make it easier to integrate, program, organize and support all of your AMX system programming needs utilizing the NetLinx architecture. As the cornerstone of AMX's system design software tools, NetLinx Studio offers programmers the most flexible application capable of generating the most sophisticated code possible.

Common Applications

NetLinx Studio® is a Microsoft® Windows program that integrates programming, organization, and support into one application for NetLinx® system development.


  Version Language Size Uploaded
platform icon AMX USB LAN
version, updated: Jul 2018     2.84 MB Jul 2018
platform icon G4 Support Files
version 3.3.62, updated: Jul 2018
3.3.62     35.7 MB Jul 2018
platform icon NetLinx Studio SNAPI Update
version 1.15.230, updated: Jul 2018
1.15.230     3.64 MB Jul 2018
platform icon NetLinx Studio 4
version 4.4.1915, updated: Dec 2022
4.4.1915     80.2 MB Dec 2022
Data Sheets
file type icon Data Sheet - NetLinx Studio (English)
updated: Oct 2020
    339 KB Oct 2020
file type icon Data Sheet - NetLinx Studio (Spanish)
updated: Oct 2020
    85.4 KB Oct 2020
Quick Reference Guides
file type icon Language Reference Guide - NetLinx Programming Language
updated: Mar 2018
    1.92 MB Mar 2018
Programming Guides
file type icon Style Guide - NetLinx Studio v.4
updated: Oct 2020
    242 KB Oct 2020

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New Features for Version 4
  • Program and manage AMX's new NetLinx NX Integrated Controllers that include IPv6, USB connectivity and other major enhancements
  • Manage and download G5 Touch Panel Design (.tp5) and Device Driver files (.xdd) files
  • Transfer any files assigned to the Project Workspace to a user defined directory on the master
  • Updated the "Listen for Masters" dialog (shows the master ID, Host Name and MAC Address)
  • Fault detection with real time error feedback when NX Serial and IR ports are disconnected or improperly wired
  • Added support for Master Certificate and Key Files: (.pem, .key, .p12, and .crt type files)
  • New application color schemes and customization of font size for all work areas
  • Launch a TELNET window from the System folder without having to activate an Online Tree
  • Generate NetLinx source code from multiple, dockable editing windows
  • Customize your work areas with themes, color schemes, and change font sizes to your preference
  • Manage your entire project from the unified Workspace Navigator, searching and viewing everything from source code, Include, panel, and IR files to connected system components
  • Simultaneously upload and download through multiple COM, USB and Internet ports
  • Setup system components, watch program variables, test application operation, and edit code from the same unified NetLinx Studio multi-tasking environment
All-in-One NetLinx Systems Development Tool
  • NetLinx code development
  • Project-based system management
  • Download multiple source code, touch panel, IR, and other system files
Advanced Programming Tool
  • Simplified cut-and-paste editing
  • Edit multiple files at the same time from dockable windows
  • User-defined hotkeys, color codes, and quick-launch menus
Project-Based System Management
  • Project folder holds all system files, including source code, Include, user interface, and IR files
  • The Workspace Navigator is a unified point-and-click guide to system files and connected system components
  • Automatic revision tracking, history and extended file name creation
  • Copy all the files for one project with a single click
  • Create source code templates for commonly-used applications
Diagnostics and Trouble Shooting
  • The NetLinx Device Notifications functionality allows you to receive several types of auto-notification messages from one or more specified NetLinx devices.
  • NetLinx Internal Diagnostics Messages monitor the asynchronous notifications that are sent by the NetLinx master controller
  • NetLinx Diagnostics also monitor fault detection with real time error feedback when NX Series Integrated Controllers serial and IR ports are disconnected or improperly wired.
  • Launch multiple TELNET windows within the workspace or with a user-defined application from the System folder or activated Online Tree.
  • NetLinx Studio contains several useful options for debugging your Master Controller and Source Code files allowing you to view variables declared within the scope of a Function and/or Call procedure.
System Setup and File Transfer
  • File transfer status is displayed in Output window Configure components, test system operation and edit code from one, unified systems environment
  • Track status of code compilation, searches and file transfers from Output Window
  • Identify ICSLan Device Control Boxes and DXLink Modules then assign new Device and System numbers


PC Requirements
  • 150 MB of Storage
  • Windows 7 or 8 32/64 bit Operating System
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NetLinx Studio

NetLinx System Programming