The world's most discerning governments and military agencies trust AMX solutions to be incredibly reliable and unwaveringly secure. Our products are relied upon every second of every day to deliver mission-critical support for a wide range of critically important needs, applications and installations across the globe. Features like central user management, user and device authentication and authorization, audit logs and reporting are the reason more governments turn to and rely on AMX for failsafe anytime, anywhere government support.



Command Centers - Throughout the world, command centers must have technologies in place that ensure redundant reliability and second-to-none security. Applications include situational awareness, training and simulation, surveillance and security and geospacial/intelligence. AMX solutions address these needs with AV switching and distribution solutions that can be counted on for clarity, immediacy, security, reliability, redundancy, and ease of use.

Featured Product: SVSI N2400 Series

Emergency Operations Centers - Lighting quick response time and mission-critical reliability are the cornerstones of AMX Emergency Operation Center (EOC) support solutions. Our products are working behind the scenes right now, around the world, to ensure that EOC administrators have every tool at their disposal to mobilize precision responses to address life-threatening emergency situations.

Featured Product: DGX