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Rapid Project Maker / NSS-RPM is a cloud-based software configuration tool that allows AV technicians or IT professionals to easily configure a new or newly modified AMX system by using a step-by-step wizard-based approach. RPM simplifies more than just the configuration - it is a comprehensive tool designed to help throughout the commissioning process, from start to finish. With no programming required, the user can configure the project, create a user interface and generate step-by-step instructions on how to install the system. Users can store their projects on AMX.com, allowing them to access and manage them from anywhere.

Since its inception, RPM has added several valuable new capabilities including exciting new User Interface template options, support for dual rooms, Enzo control options and usability options for videoconferencing.

RPM Resources

RPM takes the time, frustration and difficulty out of automating conference room control systems. Visit our RPM portal, www.amxrpm.com, to learn how you can use RPM to deploy the Perfect Meeting today.

Can't find your device in RPM? Click here to request a new RPM device module.


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  Version Language Size Uploaded
file type icon Instruction Manual - RPMLoader File Transfer Utility Application
updated: Mar 2018
    2.68 MB Mar 2018
file type icon Instruction Manual - NSS-RPM Rapid Project Maker (RPM)
updated: Oct 2020
    3.53 MB Oct 2020
Quick Start Guides
file type icon Touch Panel Configuration Guide - NSS-RPM Rapid Project Maker (RPM)
updated: Mar 2018
    748 KB Mar 2018
file type icon AMX Room Configuration Template Guide
updated: Mar 2018
    743 KB Mar 2018
file type icon Quick Start Guide - RPM - Updating the RPM-Generated UI
updated: Mar 2018
    278 KB Mar 2018
Application Guides
file type icon NSS-RPM Room Configuration Template - Conference Rooms
updated: Oct 2020
    332 KB Oct 2020
file type icon NSS-RPM Room Configuration Template - Classrooms
updated: Oct 2020
    337 KB Oct 2020
file type icon AMX AV/IT Administrator's Guide
updated: Oct 2020
    2.61 MB Oct 2020
Product Guides
file type icon RPM Product Guide
updated: Oct 2020
    436 KB Oct 2020
Cloud Services
file type icon RPM Configuration Tool
updated: May 2021
    May 2021

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  • Cloud-Based Tool – Design, configure and manage systems over the web
  • No Programming Required – Dramatically simplifies configuration of an AMX control system
  • Configure Systems in Less Than an Hour – With no programming required, cut the commissioning process from several days to less than an hour
  • Consistent, Reliable Systems – Complete multiple installations with greater consistency, reliability and efficiency
  • Pre-Configured Systems – Get a head start using one of the pre-populated templates
  • Create, Save and Manage Projects Anywhere – Access and edit projects from any web-enabled device that supports flash, thereby reducing on-site service calls
  • No Training Required – Entry level technicians can follow RPM's step-by-step process to configure an entire system from start to finish
  • Automatically Generates Project Documents – Simplify the installation process with detailed step-by-step instructions, an equipment list of AMX products and third-party device mapping
  • Continuous Improvement – RPM constantly evolves to accommodate the newest products from AMX, and incorporate drivers for new displays and other third party devices
  • Help Tips – Never get lost or confused - each step in RPM has context sensitive help tips to guide the user through the process
  • Build Macros - Design custom macros to automate different activities from events such as detecting room occupancy, touching the control panel’s home screen or detecting a video signal from a newly plugged-in device


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