Workbook to Ideating Modern Workplace and Campus Environments

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Once the decision has been made to reshape your workplace or campus environment, it is critical to engage with an architectural interior design firm and an AV consultant to help determine how you can use building design and technology together to guide the way employees or students interact. This workbook will help you ask the right questions from architects, designers, and AV integrators, so that you understand the key drivers that will have an impact on your organization now and the future. Using the steps outlined in this guide from industry leaders in human behavior, spatial relationships, and technology, you will be able to ensure all aspects of your new environment will converge to create a variety of purpose-built, activity-based spaces.

You will learn:

  • The relationship between human behavior, work and learning environments, and collaboration technology
  • How to take a new look at each space within every building and engage stakeholders during the process
  • How to take your ideas, put them into a cohesive plan, and win approval

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Sneak Peek

"A key component of activity-based working is the importance of flexible technology options — presentation systems cannot simply be tucked away in the executive suite or on the client floor. This is essential to employee engagement and retention, which in turn drives innovation and excellence in customer service. Collaboration is a key goal of the strategy, in conjunction with agile principles of project management and solution delivery."