Multicast for Enterprise Video Streaming

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This document provides a network equipment neutral, technical overview of multicast protocols and a discussion of techniques and best practices for implementing multicast video on an Enterprise Network. It is intended for technical readers who wish to expand their knowledge of video management and distribution.

You will learn:

  • Best practices for streaming video over IP networks
  • How to implement multicast video streaming
  • How to implement multicast security
  • Deploying multicast over 802.11 and VPN

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Sneak Peek

"Multicast is a one-to-one or more connection between multiple decoders and the source. The multicast source relies on multicast-enabled routers to forward the packets to all client subnets that have clients listening. There is no direct relationship between the decoders and the source, the decoders subscribe to a multicast group and the network ensures delivery of the stream. Each client that listens to the multicast adds no additional overhead on the server. The server sends out only one stream per source. The same load is experienced on the source whether only one client or 1,000 clients are listening."