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AMX has unified technologies to automate and simplify auditorium, classroom and conference room equipment to ensure meetings and presentations run seamlessly. AMX can eliminate nearly all of the conference room technology problems that users experience while dramatically improving productivity. We ensure that your conference room technology energizes rather than burdens your meetings. This means you’ll spend productive time discussing and viewing information instead of spending valuable time troubleshooting the equipment in the meeting room.

Enova® DVX All-In-One Presentation Switchers are the centerpiece of the Perfect Meeting. They dramatically simplify AV control and distribution in conference rooms, classrooms and auditoriums and are ideal for any room with a mix of analog and digital sources, multiple displays, or rooms that require support for video conferencing. Exclusive technologies like SmartScale® and InstaGate Pro® ensure perfect video scaling on every output and hassle-free HDMI/HDCP installations.

Enova DVX All-In-One Presentation Switchers combine AV switching, control, audio processing, amplification and category cable distribution in a single 2 or 3U chassis that can be supported and serviced remotely over your current IT infrastructure.

Whether you have a new installation or are retrofitting an existing structure, our Rapid Project Maker (RPM) cloud-based configuration software makes configuration and setup of a conference room extremely easy. RPM guides you through the process of selecting, configuring and connecting your switchers, touch panels, displays and other devices, and generates the files that you download into your controller and touch panel to complete the installation. This solution saves valuable time in getting projects up and running, it saves money in expensive programming and integration costs. And it’s convenient to access and use with projects being saved to the AMX Cloud that can be deployed again and again to a number of similar rooms.

Combined with our Resource Management Suite® (RMS) Enterprise server based software, users can monitor and manage devices as well as schedule rooms remotely, saving time and energy and always putting you in control.

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User Benefits

All-in-One Design

Enova DVX Switchers reduce costs and save space through an integrated all-in-one-design compared to purchasing and maintaining individual components. These switchers deliver clean, crisp digital video to any display immediately upon request. Designed with flexibility for the future, the DVX is built for today's AV needs, but ready for the advanced needs of the future. With the DVX, users can convert any source signal to digital and use SmartScale Technology to automatically output video that is perfectly scaled for each connected display.

No Programming Skills Needed

RPM is a cloud-based configuration tool that allows AV technicians or IT professionals to easily configure an AMX system by using a step-by-step wizard-based approach. RPM simplifies more than just the configuration - it is a comprehensive tool designed to help throughout the process, from start to finish. With no programming required, the user can configure the project, create a user interface and generate step-by-step instructions on how to install the system. Users can store their projects on, allowing installers to access and manage them from anywhere.

Remote Monitoring & Reporting

Resource Management Suite (RMS) Enterprise is a scalable client/server based software that provides remote management capabilities for AV assets and building systems. It offers a widget-based dashboard that includes visual bar graphs, hotlists and expanded device support — all to contribute to energy reduction initiatives and extend useful life of devices. Additionally, RMS Enterprise reduces SLA response times and equipment downtime.